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Here you will see the best way to enjoy your stay in the accommodation in Calpe.



Calpe is a lovely city on the coast, in the accommodation in Calpe you will enjoy 13 km of beaches ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.

After being settled in your accommodation in Calpe, you will find out that the 3 main beaches awarded with the Blue Flag are: Arena Bol beach, in the center of Calpe which is very crowded and animated. Another popular beach is the beach of Levante or La Fossa (both are awarded with the Q of touristic quality) and the beach of Cantal Roig, a little bit smaller and quiet next to the “Peñón of Ifach”.

If you prefer natural coves, during your stay in the accommodation in Calpe you will find series of natural coves: the cove of “Mallorquí”, the cove of “El Collao” or “Racó del Corb”, the cove “Gasparet”, the cove of “Penyal” or the cove of “Les Urques.”

When you spend your holidays in the accommodation in Calpe, enjoy your stay to visit several beaches and coves which are located in very singular spots. Some of the coves are a little bit further and less accessible like the “El Collao” or “Racó del Corb” cove of “Gasparet”, which access is only possible by the sea, or the cove of “Penyal” accessible with a footpath. This is why there are suitable to combine them with a hiking or boat trip days.



In the accommodation in Calpe, besides the long days of sea and sun, you will also visit its historical legacy.

This site, which you will discover during your stay in the accommodation in Calpe, still preserves the ruins of the bathes (“Las Termas”), the “Muntanyeta” and “Roman Vicus” where they use to eat fish with the colons of the time.

Other great monument that you need to see during your stay in your accommodation in Calpe is the “La Manzanera” where you can find the original buildings of the architect Richard Bofill with the famous red rampart located on cliff. Bring your camera with you because up there the view on the landscape is incredible.

There are also a lot of historical monuments next to your accommodation in Calpe. For example the “Torreó de la Peça” citadel of the late fourteenth century and the “Pou Salata”, a well of the eighteenth century where the neighbors of Calpe used to go to draw the water.

In your accommodation in Calpe you will have the possibility to visit the “Ermita Velle d'Oltá”. Bring the children with you because it is on the hill of Oltá where you can rest, play with the children and enjoy eating in the open air.



The stay in the accommodation in Calpe offers you a big variety of possibilities for the tourists. Just only the lovely beaches but also you can play sports, go on excursion, try its delicious gastronomy or enjoy its nightlife.

The beautiful landscapes of the locality will make you enjoy with some incredible places like the natural park of Peñón de Ifach. Use the time in your accommodation in Calpe to plan a trip.

The accommodation in Calpe allows you to plan to go out on the sea, for example on a catamaran, learn how to dive (there are schools and numerous activities) or sailing in one of the three marinas: “Puerto Blanco”, Calpe Yacht Club and Yacht Club “Les Basetes”.

When you will be in you accommodation in Calpe, do not deprive yourself of enjoying the Calpe Gastronomy. They are specialized in the great fish (octopus, sardines, mackerel, ...) and of course their delicious rice, ‘arroz del señorito’ and the paella. When it is time to choose the date for your accommodation in Calpe, you can choose some key dates like for example the festival of “Moros y cristianos” which is celebrated in April, although the date changes every years.

If you book one accommodation in Calpe for the festival of San Juan, June 23 – 26, Calpe converts itself in a very animated city to welcome the summer. In San Juan’s night, the Beach of Bol is crowded to commemorate the day of this Saint. An important meeting where the young people, besides make a wish to San Juan, will party all night long.

In July already, from 1st to 10th, thanks to your accommodation in Calpe, you can travel to Andalusia in the alcantina locality.

Another important date in your accommodation in Calpe is the paternal festivals in August 4-13. Calpe is animated with parades, fireworks and street parties among others activities at night. Don’t miss those days!

If you do not book an accommodation in Calpe at this date, even if you will not experience these festivals, you will enjoy the nightlife during the whole year in the city, in the “Paseo Maritimo Infanta Elena” or in the other clubs in the area.

If even with these suggestions you run out of things to do in the accommodation in Calpe, you can go for a trip in the other localities in the area like Jávea, Denia, Moraira o Benissa.