A guide to the holiday periods of your visitors

If you own accommodation, you’re sure to be counting down the days until the next holiday period. In Spain, we know that the three main dates are Easter, the summer months and the days around Christmas, as well as some long weekends which may be of greater or lesser advantage to us depending on the autonomous region or the way the dates fall.

But are you familiar with the holiday periods of other countries? Do you know when the tourists that tend to visit our country have their holidays? To help you out, we’ve decided to produce a guide to the holiday periods of potential visitors to your tourist property. So from now on, each month you’ll be able to promote your property in the countries where people are free to spend a few days visiting Spain.

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Holidays in France

Just like in Spain, any discussion of holidays tends to revolve around the school calendar, as people who work usually fit their holidays around it. Given that France is our neighbour, we must pay special attention to its holiday periods, if we are to succeed in making the French our next guests.

  • Summer holidays. Whereas in Spain, children have 3 months’ holiday which last from the end of June to the beginning or middle of September, in France they have 2 months. The holidays start at the beginning of July and end on the last day of August or at the beginning of September (according to the calendar).
  • Autumn and Christmas. Although the summer holidays are shorter, public holidays are spread more evenly across the year in France, and this can be seen in autumn when the last 10 days of October are usually free. Christmas holidays begin around the 20th December and end in the first few days of January (although they do not wait until the 6th January like in Spain).
  • Winter and spring. People in France have several public holidays both in winter and spring, which depend on the region they live in. In spring, people usually have 15 days’ holiday in April, which tend to be towards the end of the month. As for winter holidays, they also have 15 days in February which are distributed according to the region.

Holidays in Portugal

Meanwhile, our other neighbours (the Portuguese) have very similar holidays to Spain. In summer, they also begin around the 20th June and children return to school during the first half of September. Christmas holidays are also very similar, as they have 15 days’ holiday from the end of December to the beginning of January. Besides several days for Easter, they also have several days free in February which correspond to “winter holidays”.

When do the British travel?

Tourists from the United Kingdom have the shortest summer holidays; we’re talking again about school holidays, but these tend to be linked to the holidays of other travellers. The British begin their summer holidays in the middle of July, and they last for 6 weeks. However, this does not mean that they have fewer holidays than other Europeans, but rather that they are distributed differently throughout the year. The most notable aspect regarding British travellers is that they have a week’s holiday each term:

  • From the last few days in October to the beginning of November.
  • Approximately one week in February (usually in the middle of the month).
  • At Christmas, the 26th December is a public holiday, as well as the 25th and 31st.

Public holidays in Italy

If after seeing the holidays of other countries you were under the impression that the Spanish have the most public holidays, you were wrong… You only have to look at the Italian students whose holidays last from the first or second week of June to the middle of September. Add to this more or less the same public holidays at Christmas, Easter and several days in February as “winter holidays”. If you want to advertise your property to the Italian market, remember that the month of June offers a good opportunity for promotion as other European countries will not yet be on holiday.

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Holiday calendar in Germany

In Germany, school holidays are determined according to the region, meaning that we can host German tourists at different times of year. Summer holidays usually last from the end of June or beginning of July to the end of August, with the exception of some regions which extend the holiday to the first fortnight in September. Just like in France, there is a break in October for “autumn holidays”, which is usually taken during the last few days of the month.

It is important to note that the Germans have a lot of public holidays in May, and as our country experiences good weather in that month, we can take the opportunity to promote tourist accommodation to the German market. In spring, they also have holidays for Easter, as well as approximately one week in February for winter holidays.

Belgian tourists

The Belgian school calendar is similar across the country and is quite evenly spread:

  • February. They have a week’s holiday in the middle of the month.
  • April. The Belgians have almost 2 weeks’ holiday in April, an important date to bear in mind when considering potential visitors to our country.
  • Summer. Summer holidays for Belgian students last for the whole of July and August. Their parents and other workers also tend to take their holidays during this period.
  • November. The first week of November is also a public holiday for “autumn holidays”.
  • Christmas. Unlike other countries, they usually only have one week in December (the days between the 25th and 31st December).

Have you taken note? Now you can get the most out of your tourist property by tailoring your advertising at different times of year to the countries which have holidays during those periods.

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