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The City of Light and Love
The City of Lights

Paris, the City of Lights, is full of energy and life in every street, and every square… Visit the French capital of Paris and take part in the joy of life, enjoy the casual atmosphere in all neighborhoods and immerse yourself in the elegance and simplicity that is so characteristic for the inhabitants

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5℃ Average temperature in winter
22℃ Average temperature in summer
Coordinates 48 ° 52 'N, 2º 22' E

The joy of life

A true Parisian lover said, "If you're lucky enough to visit or live in Paris during your youth, this will stay with you for your entire life". - Ernest Hemingway. Visit Paris in peace, accompanied by the beating heart of the city, the Seine, the river that divides Paris into two and simultaneously unites it through beautiful bridges. Take your time because Paris is a city you will never forget.

To Paris with the whole family!

Finally the holidays are here, and yes, you are going to Paris! A family holiday means a plan whereby you’ve thought of activities for all ages, and in the City of Light, there is enough to see.

If you travel to Paris with your family there are many suitable activities to do as a family, like visiting the Louvre Museum! This famous museum has excursions, workshops and programs especially for families. In this way you are able to introduce art in a fun way.

The Paris Balloon is a cable air balloon that goes into the air several times a day up to 150 meters above the ground. This way you can discover Paris from a unique perspective, like only birds can! The entrance of the balloon is in the André Citroën park and for 12€ per person (children under 3 years free) you can enjoy Paris in a totally different way.

La Cité des Enfants is a science museum which is designed especially for children in order to teach them new things in a fun way. In total, six different areas were built to stimulate a special learning process that is fun for the entire family. The entrance fee for all children under 6 years is 9€ and for the older the prices vary up to 22.50€.

In this big Zoo, focused on education, they regularly organise activities for children to get to know nature and respect it, such as telling them about the habits of the big mammals and the conservation challenges they face.

Of course, Disneyland cannot be missed in this list. Less than an hour’s drive from the French capital, in the city of Marne-la-Vallee, we find the one and only Disneyland park of Europe: Disneyland Paris. Everybody loves Disney and we are sure that your children are going love it too!  The best way to end your vacation is to visit this great but above all fun amusement park!

what to do in paris disneyland

City guide

what to do in paris eiffel tower
The Eiffel Tower
what to do in paris arc de triomphe
Arc de Triomphe
what to do in paris the louvre
Louvre museum
what to do in paris jardin
Jardin des Tuileries
what to do in paris cathedral notre dame
Notre Dame
what to do in paris quartier latin
Quartier Latin
what to do in paris montmartre

Places of interest

  • The Eiffel Tower

In addition, there are a number of places that should not be missing in your planning for a perfect holiday in Paris. In the Champs de Mars area, you can not miss the symbol of Paris: the Eiffel Tower. Every day of the year you can go up, in winter from 9.00am to 11.00pm and in the summer from 9.00am to 12.00am.

In the restaurant in the top of the tower you can enjoy a glass of champagne. Besides that, the tower has several restaurants: Jules Verne, with a Michelin star chef, where you can dine between 130€ and 260€, and 58 Tour Eiffel, with menus for 42.50€ for adults and 19€ for children. There is also a bar with Macarons so you can enjoy a typical French dessert in the middle of the national symbol of Paris.

  • Arc de Triomphe and Champs Élysées

Champs Élysées: maybe this says everything already. Champs Élysées is the most beautiful and known street in Paris. The 2 kilometre long street starts at the Arc de Triomphe and stops at Place de la Concorde. The name comes from the Greek mythology, which the Champs Élysées have designated as the eternal resting place for the souls of the righteous. The Arc de Triomphe located in this famous street, is one of the symbols of the city, it is the most representative monument of the Napoleonic period and the symbol of the greatness of the empire.

  • The Louvre

Of what museum do you think if we say: “glass pyramid”? Exactly, the Louvre museum! This museum offers visitors one of the most comprehensive and impressive collections of art and antiques in the world. Before you enter, we recommend that you view one of the catalogues that the museum offers to determine which artwork you want to see. The collection is this big that you cannot see everything in one day. The works include, among others, the famous Mona Lisa, the Venus of Milo, the Hammurabi Code, the Winged Victory of Samothrace, and the Pope’s Sabine Destruction.

The museum is closed on Tuesday but it is open on Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am to 6:00pm; on Wednesdays and Fridays from 9.00am to 9.45pm. Access is free on the first Sunday of the month, from 1 October to 31 March, and people under the age of 26 always have free access.

  • Jardin des Tuileries

The Jardin des Tuileries are the gardens of the former Palais des Tuileries and an oasis of tranquillity in the bustling Paris. It is a perfect place for a break when traveling with children, it is ideal for children to entertain themselves while the adults are relaxing in a natural environment.

  • Notre Dame

Victor Hugo made sure that we all know this place and because of the beauty of this artwork we will never forget it anymore. Of course, we are talking about the cathedral “Notre Dame”, one of the other symbolic buildings of Paris. Although access is free, you have to pay in order to enter the tower of the building where you can admire the view of the city. The cathedral is open daily from 8:00am to 6:45pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00am to 7:15pm.

  • Quartier Latin

This district has received this name because before it attracted many students from all parts of the world. Currently, the Latin Quarter has a truly vibrant and colourful atmosphere. Strolling through the neighbourhood you reach the Saint Michel square where you find a fountain with San Michel fighting a dragon. In this square you will also find many nice bars and restaurants with affordable prices.

  • The Montmartre neighborhood

Montmartre: The area of outstanding painters where the narrow streets are tangled reaching the Basilica of the Sacre Coeur, one of Paris’s most famous postcards. Montmartre has 2 different areas: Place Pigalle, where the neon lights and cabaret performances dominate, such as the legendary Moulin Rouge. And the most bohemian part of Montmartre that you can reach by using a cable car.

Restaurants in Paris

Dining in Paris is already an activity in itself. The excellent French gastronomy has many great characteristics, from traditional food to the nouvelle cuisine. If there is anything in France that you should definitely have discovered, it would be their delicious recipes.

what to do in paris gastronomy

Some of the most popular dishes are foie gras or filet mignon and of course the famous crepes or croissants. Below you will find some suggestions to taste Paris.

At number 41 in Rue Monsieur-le-Princ you will find this bistro that was founded in the 19th century. The traditional cuisine is a gift for any foodie; here you can try typical dishes like their special pumpkin soup. The price for a menu is 22€.

This is the perfect place for fish lovers. Located on 15 Rue Lagrange, this restaurant specialises in fish and seafood delicacies, and is also an ideal place for a romantic dinner. Try the most sophisticated delicacies with prices between 15€ and 26€.

Soup and more soup! In France soup is an important dish and therefore the french know everything about it. Located at 33 Rue de Charonne you can try up to 6 different types of soup between 4€ and 7€ . If you would like to have breakfast here, you can! They have a menu consisting of soup, salad or cheese tasting and a drink for only 11€.

What, of course, cannot be missed in this guide are some recommended bakeries located in Paris. You can almost smell the baguettes and croissants already!

It is said that the authentic Parisian croissants are made here. How they should be: made with butter and very soft. You can try them and see if they really are as good as they sound. Blé Sucré is located at number 7 in Rue Antoine Vollon. The metro stop is Ledru-Rollin.

A bakery with family tradition and know-how. The founder, Bernard Ganachaud, left the bakery in the hands of his three daughters who continued their father’s job and did excellent work. Very close to the metro stop Gambetta and a few minutes from the famous Pere-Lachaise church, you will find this magical place.

We hope that the restaurants as well as the cultural sites are worth a visit. We wish you a lot of fun and bon appétit!

Discovering Paris with pets

Because our pets are also entitled to a vacation! If you would like to take your pet on holidays, then we recommend visiting the following places where you can bring your pet(s) without any problem and enjoy nature.

  • Jardin du Luxembourg: this large green plain is located in the centre of the city. Although the entire park does not provide access to animals, you will find many restaurants, families and tourists who spend some time with their dogs.
  • Versailles Park: it is not only beautiful and well-kept here, but also dogs are welcome in the Parc des Versailles! However, only small dogs are allowed, so if you travel with a Yorkshire, French Bulldog or Jack Russell Terrier, you will definitely like this park.
  • Two-storey tourist bus: you’re reading it right! The two-storey busses allow you to enjoy, with your pet, the most important places of the city. Pets are also allowed in the subway, but seeing the city from a bus is of course a lot more fun.

Enjoying your holiday with your pet is much easier if you know where to go. Bring their favourite toy, line and food and enjoy your free days!

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