In the south of Spain, there are hundreds of spectacular beaches and, in the majority of them, nudism can be practiced. if you are planning to visit this region, we made a selection of the best 11 nudist beaches in Andalusia so that you can choose your favorites and enjoy a getaway in the most “free” style.

11 nudist beaches in Andalusia

  1. Nudist beaches in Huelva
  2. Nudist beaches in Cádiz
  3. Nudist beaches in Málaga
  4. Nudist beaches in Granada
  5. Nudist beaches in Almería

🌊 Nudist strips in Huelva

  • Beach of Nueva Umbría

    nudist beaches in Andalusia

In the province of Huelva, there is only one “official” nudist beach. It is in the municipality of Lepe and has no facilities or a Blue Flag reward, therefore, it remains almost virgin. It is a spectacular beach, because, on one of the shores, is opened to the Atlantic and, on the other, to the Piedras River. The nudists are usually concentrated in the central region of the beach, especially between the Terrón road and the ferry footbridge.

Its sand is fine and golden and covers 12 kilometers. It has a lot of ecological interest and hosts different ecosystems.

  • Beach of Los Enebrales

    nudist beaches in Andalusia

It is located in Punta Umbría and it’s more than 2 kilometers long. It has a Blue Flag, showers and a lifeguard, although usually it is not crowded, in a high season gets quite busy, between naturists with dress bathers. So, we could say that this is a mixed beach. It’s great to walk through its fine sand bordered by the forest of junipers, pines and more species. In addition, it’s easily accessible (there are wooden walkways to reach out to it) and soft waves.

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🌊 Nudist strips in Cádiz

  • Beach of Los Caños de Meca

    nudist beaches in Andalusia
    Photo: Gabri Solera

Another of the nudist beaches in Andalusia is this, in Barbate. The naturist area is located at both ends of the beach: one joins the nudist area of the Trafalgar Lighthouse and the other one, with the path that passes through the cliffs of Barbate (another very beautiful place frequented by naturists).

  • Cala del Aceite

    nudist beaches in Andalusia

It’s in Conil de La Frontera and it can be reached by CA-4202 highway. It’s one of the nudist beaches that is mostly visited by the people of Cadiz. It is situated near the port of Conil, specifically at the mouth of the Roche River. In the area, visitors can find more coves like the Calas de Poniente.

The sand is clear and draws a half moon shape. It’s surrounded by cliffs and vegetation, far from the busy areas. There are a cleaning service and beach bars, meaning that little by little, nudism is becoming less frequent in Cala del Aceite. But keep calm, for now, it’s one of the most recommended nudist beaches in Andalusia.

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🌊 Nudist strips in Málaga

  • Arroyo Vaquero Beach

    nudist beaches in Andalusia

Located in Estepona, with almost 3 kilometers of longitude, it’s one of the largest nudist beaches in Málaga. This is where the first naturist complex in Spain was installed: Costa Natura.

It’s an urban beach but it’s not very popular as there is no lifeguard nor showers. There is parking that mainly tourists use. In addition, there are also those visitors, who practice scuba diving. Thanks to the rocks, fauna and vegetation that are surrounding the beach, make it a very beautiful area to practice that sport.

  • Cabopino Beach

    nudist beaches in Andalusia

Cabopino beach is situated in Marbella and, some of its sections, are nudists. For several years has achieved the Blue Flag and remains almost wild, despite being in a populated area. Its sand is golden and has brushstrokes of vegetation because it’s surrounded by the Dunes of Artola. You will like to see the ‘’Thieves Tower’’ there: it’s the highest lookout tower of the entire Málaga coastline and dates back to Roman times, although it was rebuilt by the Muslims.

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  • Cala del Pino

    nudist beaches in Andalusia

On this beach, which is located 6 km away from Nerja, you can also find visitors with swimsuits, however, the naturists dominate the beach. Here, naturists tend to cluster around the rocks in the middle of the beach. Its waters are very clean, so it’s usual to observe snorkeling and diving. Moreover, there are some very cool underwater caves to explore.

The beach itself is quite small and its occupation level is low.

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🌊 Nudist strips in Granada

  • Cantarriján Beach

    nudist beaches in Andalusia
    Photo: Ana C.

This is one of the most visited nudist beaches in Granada. It belongs to the municipality of Almuñécar and it’s part of the natural setting of the cliffs of Maro-Cerro Gordo. It has the qualification of a nudist beach since 1996 and is composed of gravel. Cantarriján beach is rather small (less than 400 meters long) but the tranquility of its waters turn it into a well-known place.

It’s also popular among dress bathers but they stay on the other side of the rock that separates the beach in two zones. There is parking and, depending on the area, you can find hammocks and beach bars.

  • Beach of El Muerto

    nudist beaches in Andalusia

The beach of El Muerto is formed by a large beach and a small cove, that it’s linked to the beach by a pedestrian path. Furthermore, the beach itself is linked to the Cotobro beach but in fact, you only arrive at El Muerto beach through Cotobro. It belongs to Almuñécar, but it’s isolated and its waters are clean and calm.

🌊 Nudist strips in Almería

  • Beach of El Playazo

    nudist beaches in Andalusia

The Playazo de Vera is a very famous place and it’s visited by nudists from all over Europe. It’s surrounded by naturist centers such as Vera Natura and Natsun. This is the beach, where the Guinness record for the largest number of people (729) entered its waters to bathe naked in July 2013. It coincided with the Day without a swimsuit and was organized in collaboration with the Spanish Naturist Federation. It’s common (and it’s allowed) that the bathers go to the beach bars as God brought them to the world (completely naked).

The beach is more than 4,000 meters long, but only 1,400 meters of them permit naturism. The northern area (where naturism is allowed) is well marked with signs.

  • Cala de la Media Luna

    nudist beaches in Andalusia
    Photo: Juan Mercader

The Crescent Cove can be reached from San José and you can park in Mónsul (which is also one of the many nudist beaches in Andalusia). The beach is more relaxed and has less occupation. Moreover, you can also find people with swimsuits, but the coexistence and the environment are very good. In high season, there are a lot of people, especially since there is a bus that takes you there, but out of season, it’s a quiet place to relax.

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