Located in the south west of France, the Landes offer a wide range of leisure activities. The “Silver coast” is the longest beach of Europe: more than 100 km ! The area is known for its amazing surfing conditions and much more, so if you plan to visit this gorgeous region, continue reading this article and discover what this place has to offer.

Discover the Landes on a day trip to France

Biscarrosse Lakes

The lake is made out of 3 bodies of water, and covers more than 5500 hectares. Famous for its seaplanes, the lake is also a must for any fishing lovers. It is perfect for families since you can enjoy a day with your kids at the local waterpark: the ultimate summer activity !


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Surf in Hossegor

It might not be so much of a surprise, but this part of France is a famous surfing destination. Indeed, you will have to at least try it out ! And for that, you must go to Hossegor. Hossegor made a name of itself thanks to their prime surfing conditions and its many surf schools.

surf hossegor

We can name the following schools: Surftrip Surfschool, Hossegor surf club, Spirit surf school and Chipiron Surfschool. Surfing is such a fun thing to try out with your family. Hossegor also offer several activities for the whole family: Spa, watersports, mini golf and children amusement centers.

Visit Orx’s marchlands

Orx’s Marchlands is located in the South of the Landes: it is made out of several bodies of water in a humid area. It is actually a great place to visit with your family. You will be able to observe the richest biodiversity of the area. The place is famous for its waterbirds and became an important bird, more precisely duck, wintering location. It is an interactive place for all and tries its best to make people more aware of the environment. Guided visits cost €3.5 for kids and €7.5 for adults and usually last a full afternoon.


Discover the Dune du Pilat

And last but not least, even if it is not really part of the Landes, we have to tell you about this unique place. Located in the Arcachon Bay, it is Europe’s biggest dune ! The Dune is about 330 foot high and 1950 foot wide and is more than 200 years old. Many sports are available there for the whole family like paragliding. Also, you have to pay for parking as your only contribution to the place’s conservation.


So we told you about this wonderful area, but if you feel like learning more about Nouvelle-Aquitaine check out this article about what to do in the city of Bordeaux.