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Curiosities that will leave you dazzled, locations with an interesting past and things you did not even know existed. Want to come along? We'll show you!

Curiosities that will leave you with your mouth wide open, rare, special, wonderful mysteries with an authentic past and things you did not even know existed. Are you curious? Welcome! In this section, we want to show you that travelling is much more than just taking a few days of vacation; it is learning more about our history, new languages, discovering places and amazing landscapes, making new friends and falling in love with destinations. With the stories and destinations this section holds, we want to provide you with inspiration for future trips and adventures. Even tourist hot-spots like Paris, London or New York have hidden treasures to be explored and we want to unravel those with you together! Our mission is taking you from bystander to maximum globetrotter by putting all the information about both unknown places and the most visited cities in the world under a magnifying glass. Get ready to expand your bucketlist with all the special treats we’ve picked out for you!

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