Of course, we are always looking forward to the next vacation! Be it in a few days in the snow, on the beach or a city break. But what spoils our joyful anticipation is the upcoming packing of the suitcase. In order to spare you any panic before the well-deserved vacation, we have created this checklist that reveals how to pack a suitcase in an easy and clever way.

How to pack a suitcase? Before it begins…

…first of all, you should put out everything that you want to take with you. It’s best to sort by underwear, dresses, pants, shirts, etc. If everything is ready, take a heart and put a good third of it back to your closet. Yes, we know that is anything but easy and hurts our fashionista heart, but let’s face it from the positive side: now there is a reason to go shopping in the destination 😉
A little tip, download this checklist with all the things, you must not forget on your beach holidays.

Open your suitcase and let’s start

1. Shoes at the bottom

Shoes are always the bulkiest in the suitcase, so we recommend to put them first at the bottom. Since the most important thing is already in there now, you could avoid bad surprises in the end, if you try to close the suitcase. It’s best to put the shoes toe-to-heel, to save some extra space.

how to pack a suitcase shoes

2. Put the socks into the shoes

The absolute pro-trick on how to pack a suitcase and to really take advantage of every inch of the suitcase is to stow the socks or other small staff in the shoes. Stuffing them to the very front has the additional advantage that the shoes do not lose their shape.

3. Filling the gaps

Once the shoes are at the very bottom of your suitcase, you should fill the gaps with little, soft things like bikinis, underwear, etc.

4. Packaging techniques

Regarding this issue, opinions are divided. We took a very close look and found these two techniques suitable: the folding and the rolling.
Folding technique: For this, put pants, dresses, skirts, and blazers only halfway into the suitcase, the other half looks out of the suitcase. As you can see in the picture, they should be laid one over the other and finally folded into each other. The tension avoids wrinkling and saves space thanks to the compactness.

how to pack a suitcase folding

Rolling technique: lately, it has become very popular and whoever discovered it is probably a genius! Rolling causes much less creasing, it is perfect for filling gaps in the suitcase and in an odd way it makes the suitcase a space wonder. The best part is that you can see which clothes you have already packed. In this video, more tips of the rolling technique are shown.

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5. Stowing Bulky items

Toiletries, books or the camera are indispensable on vacation, but unfortunately, they are very bulky and impractical to pack. It is best to put them in the middle of the suitcase so that nothing is in the way of the zipper and it does not get even more stressed. Extra tip: save some more space by filling shampoo and other liquids into small bottles (such as sample vials). The amount is enough for your stay and you can save on weight. It’s best to leave the vials in the suitcase after your holidays to have them ready for the next journey. 


how to pack a suitcase open bag

Finally, we have one more tip: take a small foldable extra bag with you; either for dirty laundry or if at the end of the holiday (strangely) not everything fits into the suitcase. The professionals below us can also use vacuum bags to help pack the clothes and make even more space. It is best to mark your suitcase with a colored cloth or a sticker to avoid confusion on the luggage belt. 

We hope our tips and tricks on how to pack a suitcases make planning your holiday easier and you can start the holidays relaxed!

Find the whole video from Heathrow Airport here: