Everyone experiences joy from travelling. But there are people who travel in a different way. Getting to know the culture, going out, or trying different cuisine, there is a different type of traveller.

type of traveller

What type of traveller are you?

The Adventurer

You are keen on jumping into the new adventures without even thinking twice. If someone tells you, pack your stuff, we are leaving tomorrow, you won’t even ask for the destination. You always have a rucksack prepared at the back of your wardrobe in case you find very cheap flights for the next day. 

Adventurers are true explorers who tend to go off the beaten path and experience new things. This type of traveller is curious, spontaneous and they often take risks. They hate the routine and are afraid of the boredom. You consider yourself a citizen of the world. 

‘’I’m ready to go to the end of the world’’.

Therefore, your destination is Mauritius. Little known yet, it’s a paradise for explorers. 

You can perfectly mix adventurous activities and then recharge on a beautiful beach. 

If you are a nature and thrill enthusiast, zip line above lush tropical green forests, or choose from one of the majestic trails in Mauritius and go for a hike. If you also like animals and you aren’t afraid of horse riding, it’s a perfect choice to move around the forests. Mauritius offers everything, from safaris and kitesurfing to diving and 4×4 off-road drives. 

Adventures in Mauritius

The cultural traveller

These people like to immerse in the life, they like to interact with people from other cultures and when they go to a foreign country, they are trying to understand the locals’ traditions and even take part in them. Cultural travellers don’t like to just go to historic places and watch from the sideline. If you are the cultural type of traveller, you are more likely to be open-minded, flexible, easy-going, energetic and creative. 

Your ideal destination will be Seville. The cultural hub of Spain and the art place popular among street musicians, artists and painters. The cultural, historical and artistic heritage of Seville is impressive. It’s also known as the birthplace of the traditional Spanish dance – flamenco. Wander around the tiny cobbled streets, indulge in the city’s atmosphere and you will find artistic boutiques and cute cafeterias around every corner. Not to miss things include: a romantic stroll around the Guadalquivir river or you can hop on a boat cruise

Also, the area around the Cathedral of Seville and Plaza de España are a must stop. 

When the sun goes down, find a tapas bar to try the real Andalusian gastronomy. 

type of traveller

Indulge in cultural Seville

The shopping type

Those are the people who travel across the globe to attend every fashion event, buy new outfits or simply seeks new fashion trends. They also often have problems with packing due to too many clothes. If you are a fashion tourist, you also tend to buy many stuff that you end up wear once. 

P.S check out this checklist if you have problems with packing!

Shopping has become a determinant factor for the destination choice. Milan is the hub that attracts most of the experts and professionals from the fashion industry and also each year, Milan is one of the places that host Fashion Week! 

Via Montenapoleone in Milan is known as one of the best shopping venues in the world. Also, around the Duomo square together with the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, you can find plenty of luxury boutiques such as Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana among others. 

type of traveller
Vittorio Emanuele

Shop in Milan

The foodie

You know you are a foodie traveller when you are a globetrotter and you like trying the local delicacies. Frog legs, snails, octopus, nothing scares you! You want to try everything and even if you don’t finish a meal, at least you know that you’ve tried it. You indulge in the local. You avoid places like McDonalds and go for local markets instead to buy the thing that catches your eye at first glance. 

Your destination is Sicily. Of course, there are many gastronomic cities around the world but we always come back to the Italian one. But Sicily isn’t just pizza and pasta. While you are there try the caponata (a stew served as a side dish), arrancini (rice paste croquettes) and our favourite – the cannoli. It’s the most traditional Sicilian sweet. If you want to know more, find information here

type of traveller

Enjoy Sicily

The luxury type

‘’For me, the comfort is everything’’

If that’s your phrase, then you are the luxury type of traveller. You like staying in beautiful mansions that go with all the facilities included. You aren’t afraid of spending money if the final result is worth it. 

Morocco is your luxury destination. In recent years, has turned into a favorite destination for the Europeans because of the good weather all year round and of the luxury villas in Marrakesh that we offer. Some of the palaces even go with the services of a butler. 

type of traveller
Reference: 146379/ Marrakesh

Feel like a king in Morocco

The Partygoer

This is the type of traveller that goes for the fun and the parties. If there’s a festival or concert going on somewhere, they will be the first on the line. They sleep during the day and party in the night. Their favorite places are the bars and clubs. 

The Partygoer must go to…IBIZA!

Now, don’t misunderstand us, Ibiza also has a nice gastronomy offer, perfect beaches and 4 properties declared as a UNESCO world heritage, but we can’t lie that is also one of the best party destinations where tons of people from all over the world are coming each year. One of the most popular clubs include: Pachá Ibiza (opened in 1973), Amnesia, Ushuaia (with parties in the pool), Privilege, Lío among many others. After a party night, nothing goes better than a relaxing day on the most beautiful beaches on the island

type of traveller

Ibiza – the party island

The Instagrammer

If you are a real Instagrammer, you probably like all the seasons. In that way, you can capture the snow in the winter, the fall in autumn, the blooming of the trees and flowers in spring or why not taking a beach selfie? 

You like filling your feed with different content and colours that match. You also tend to look for the ‘’Golden hour’’ around sunset time because you know that’s when the best pictures are taken. Their motto is: ‘’I can forget about my underwear, but never my camera’’. 

The Instagrammer should give it a shot to Porto! If you want to increase your followers, get more likes & comments, be sure that you will make all your friends jealous with these photos from Porto. 

If you want to have a bird view of Porto, then the ‘’Teléferico de Gaia’’ is the perfect option

After taking beautiful shots there, head to Ribeira – the bohemian quarter of Porto. Colorful streets, coffee shops with terraces and the proximity to the river make for the perfect photo background. Find what else you can do in Porto for free.

type of traveller
Duero River

Say ”cheese” in Porto

The forever romantic

You are the hopeless romantic that finds beauty in everything. You have the whole world as your stage to share your love. You always leave traces behind such as padlocks on the bridges or your initials on a wall. 

If you are a couple in love or parents that travel with kids and want to keep their love alive, then Annecy (in France) is the perfect destination for you! 

Annecy is your romantic destination. It’s known as the ‘’Venice of the Alps’’ but it’s less crowded and it’s equally beautiful. Full of canals, flowers and there’s a bridge called the Pont des Amours, which translated means the ‘’love bridge’’. You will find the whole bridge covered with many love padlocks. However, you don’t need a love pad to express your love. A padlock itself isn’t heavy but when there are thousands of them at one place, it may cause a collapsing of the bridge. 

type of traveller

Find the romance in Annecy

These were our destination according to the type of traveller you are. Now, don’t forget that there are many more destinations that can suit your personality. Also, two different traveller types can go to the same destination and spend it in different ways. We would like to hear which is your personality and where do you feel the best?

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