When you think of holidays, Andorra isn’t the first destination that comes up to your mind, is it? However, Andorra is a beautiful and budget-friendly destination, but yet underrated country. There are loads of things to do in Andorra in every season, either if you are a couple or a big family. We definitely recommend a winter escape to this hidden gem. We’ve also prepared you a list with the 6 most charming villages in Andorra for an even pleasant journey. Let’s hit the road!

The most picturesque villages in Andorra, do you join us?

1) Pal

Pal is situated just 25 min away from the capital ‘’La Vieja’’ and it’s the romantic icon of Andorra. You can spend more than half day there, wishing you could stop the time. The gem of this little village is the church  ‘’Sant Climent de Pal’’ that dates back from XI century, making it one of the oldest roman buildings in the country. It’s also the only one with germinated double windows.

You can also find the Interpretation center of Roman arts in Pal. It represents the Roman art evolution in Andorra through audiovisuals and exhibitions. You can go there by yourself or pay for a guided tour. The duration is 45 min, and they offer a few languages to choose from.

A good idea will be if you combine the visit to the center together with the church. There is also a souvenir shop in the center where you can shop until you drop. If you go with your little ones, it’s a guarantee that they won’t be bored. There are many activities designed for children such as many multimedia and audiovisual halls.

Pal, nestled in the mountains, explains its easy access to the ski slopes, perfect for your winter Instagram photo shootings.

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2) Les Bons

Les Bons is also known as the museum village in Andorra. Les Bons is located just 15 min away by car from the capital. Les Bons has preserved its authentic charm from the most important periods that have left a footprint in the Iberian Peninsula.

Les Bons is a home of the great Arab baths ‘’Reina Mora’’ as well as the old medieval wall with its ancient castle. However, the highlight of this village is the San Román church built over a rock in the XII century with its special roman and gothic wall paintings inside. Do you feel like Les Bons can be your ‘’ traveling back in time’’ village?

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3) Ordino

As Andorra is a very tiny country on the map, every village is located very close to the capital, making it very easy for the tourists to do a tour around the country. Ordino, it’s located 25 min away by car, and it got famous as the cultural capital of Andorra. It’s a favourite weekend destination for the locals. In good weather conditions, you can have a drink on a terrace under the sun.

Ordino also looks a lot like the Flintstones village decorated with lots of flowers. The museums make it an interesting place for curious travelers. The must-see is the house of Areny-Plandolit and the house of Rossell that reveal the life flow in the region during the XV century until now. Another sightseeing that makes Ordino cultural capital is the Post Museum. The building itself shows the cultural aspects through its Pyrenean typical architecture and balconies covered with flowers. Make sure you leave enough time for open-air cultural school in order to immerse in its interesting history.

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4) Fontaneda

Fontaneda is probably one of the most isolated villages in Andorra but that’s the great thing about it. It’s an ideal option if you want time for yourself without anyone else to disturb your holiday. Located within 23 min away by car from the capital, this picturesque village is surrounded by forests and vineyards. You will notice the village streets aren’t asphalted as still living in the past. While you are there, take advantage of visiting the church of Saint Miguel. In addition, if you like hiking or riding a bike, you can try your strengths on the route to ‘’Coll de la Gallina’’. It’s 1.907 m above the sea level but the views from the top are 100% worth it.

Fontaneda and its scenic geographic location make it an ideal place for photographers or for simply capturing a beautiful memory from your holiday.

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5) Llorts

If you would like to follow off the beaten path and discover charming places out of the tourist radar, the beautiful village of Llorts is all you need. It’s on the highway that connects the lake of Tristaina and the northern part of the Valira river. You will also have the opportunity to explore the ‘’Ruta del Ferro’’ (the iron route). It marked its period between the centuries XVII and XIX. The route will take few hours of your time but it’s an enjoyable experience for your family. You will visit the most emblematic places that formed part of the production process. Nature surroundings will enhance the visit and you can say at the end that you’ve been part of such a unique activity.

Llorts is the place with the most beautiful flowers in the area that are a feast for the eyes for its locals and visitors.

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6) Meritxell

Our last but not least suggestion of an enchanting village, is Meritxell. The village is home of the most known sanctuary in Andorra built in the 70s. Nowadays, it’s a modern building but back in the days, it was a sanctuary with an ancient architecture. Ricardo Bofill, is the one that we should thank for this piece of art. However, his original project was in a Roman style but a fire destroyed the famous masterpiece. Now its different and surprising look worths its visitors’ attention.

villages in Andorra
Meritxell Sanctuary

Andorra is an all season paradise that will enchant every visitor with its culture and those 6 picturesque villages in Andorra that we have suggested you. If Andorra is the destination you will choose for your holidays, then have a look at things to do in Andorra. In addition, if you are coming with children, we have a great article about family activities in Andorra. Enjoy!