There are regions like these ones that get us the feeling of being in a magical world. Alsace is undoubtedly one of those enchanting places. At the Franco-German border, you will reach a paradise land with its most famous cities, Strasbourg and the magnificent Colmar. However, Alsace also offers a range of incredible small villages because of their uniqueness and beauty. If you are booking your holiday in Alsace, our choice of 10 top-rated villages to visit in Alsace will pleasantly surprise you.

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The most beautiful villages to visit in Alsace

1) Eguisheim

Situated on the southern part of Colmar, the authentic architecture of this medieval village attracts lots of visitors. You will enjoy strolling around the cobbled streets between the half-timbered houses while admiring the colourful cafes and shops around the square.

Eguisheim is also a village full of flowers and fountains that will make every tourist stop for a selfie. Don’t miss out the beautiful chapel of Saint-Léon in neo-Romanesque style.

Eguisheim offers many quality grape varieties such as the grand cru eichberg or pfersigberg capable to satisfy even the most demanding wine lovers. Possessing all these attributes, we aren’t surprised that this village was selected as the favourite one by the French public.


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2) Riquewihr

Take the Alsace Wine Route and you will find the famous town of Riquewihr. This place besides being a famous stop for wine lovers, it will amaze you with its architecture, flowered balconies and paved courtyards. Riquewihr has kept the medieval spirit from those times. Visit the castle of Württemberg and you will step back in time, the numerous museums will ‘’feed’’ your desire for knowledge and the tower of Thieves which shelters the oubliettes and the torture room will scare the hell out of you!


3) Hunawihr

This commune is located in the Haut-Rhin and its charm mainly consists of the natural landscape that surrounds it. The vineyards stretch out for miles. Hunawihr is the perfect place to relax and enjoy especially if you are looking for tranquility in the countryside. This small village proudly displays half-timbered houses and even a listed church! Those seeking for romance can spend the afternoon walking around the butterfly garden. If you and your children love the animals, you can also visit the storks and otters park which is a real animal reintroduction center.


4) Mittelbergheim

Still, on the wine route, you will find another one of the most beautiful villages in Alsace. The heritage of Mittelbergheim is strongly marked by the production of wine, especially by the development of the Zotzenberg Grand Cru. You will be able to stroll between the houses of vine growers with its old grape presses and to see the buildings from Renaissance times. This town will certainly seduce people that arepassionate about wine and architecture.


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5) Hunspach

White Half-timbered houses with balconies full of flowers windows and a nice atmosphere, this is what it makes Hunspach so unique. Apart from being a feast for the eyes, the town will also delight history buffs with the impregnable Schoenenbourg fort, located on the Maginot line, which hosts the most important artillery in Alsace from medieval times!

The typical white houses of Hunspach.

6) Obernai

By entering the town you will immediately feel the typical atmosphere of Alsace. This city is famous within the region for its architecture but also for its local specialties. Indeed, it’s not for nothing that Obernai is called ” the city of sauerkraut “.

You will be able to observe the magnificent ramparts defending the city as well as the well-preserved towers. A visit to the Obernai Market Square is a must, you can admire the historic town hall, the belfry and the square tower influenced by the Renaissance.

The chapel tower in Obernai

7) Wissembourg

Wissembourg is a cosy town that welcomes with a nice and peaceful environment. Wandering around the beautiful cobbled streets and ‘’breathe’’ from the medieval atmosphere is a true meaning of ‘’taking a rest’’. Apart from St. Peter and St. Paul Abbey, which hosts the oldest stained glass in Alsace, Wissembourg has an impressive architectural heritage. Therefore, we advise you to take a walk to the town hall, the Salt House, the House of the friend Fritz or the Bruch district.

By the way, did you know the legend of the father Fouettard? It’s said that originally, the first “Hans Trapp” was in Wissembourg that ransomed and looted travelers without defenses. What to add more to this magical city?


8) Neuf-Brisach

This beautiful town is located only 5 km away from the German border and the Rhine. It’s impossible to miss out Neuf-Brisach on your way to Alsace, indeed this fortified town is considered the culmination of the work of the famous engineer Marquis de Vauban. Therefore, it’s not surprising that we find this town in the UNESCO World Heritage list. You will be impressed by the pure and intact features of this town.

Did you also know that the town looks like an octagon from above due to its 48 quarters arranged in the same shape.

A visit to Neuf-Brisach is the perfect opportunity to immerse in the heart of history!

Thanks, Vauban!

9) Ribeauvillé

Ribeauvillé is a charming town located between vineyards and mountains but we shouldn’t underestimate its historical heritage. History lovers will have a great time enjoying the city’s magnificent cultural heritage. Indeed, Ribeaupierre (family who took over the village in the Middle Ages) built three castles, whose ruins can be still found around the town.

The castle of Saint Ulrich, Girsberg and Haut-Ribeaupierre are all accessible through a hiking trail from the mountainside. But these fortresses aren’t the only things to see in Ribeauvillé. Indeed, many other buildings are worth the attention. We advise you to sightsee the Town Hall, the Butchers’ Tower and the House of the Ménétriers. Another good reason to go to Ribeauvillé is its festivities, of which stands out the ” Pfifferdaj “, the celebration of the Ménétriers with tanks and fanfares that take place in early September. 

The ”pfifferdaj” parade

10) Kaysersberg

The town of Kaysersberg will take your mind away with its medieval heritage, its church, its fortified bridge and the remains of its castle. This is, without any doubts, one of the most beautiful villages in Alsace and one of the most typical in France with its cobbled streets and half-timbered houses. You can experience this little village from another angle through a very interesting treasure hunt. If you go to Kaysersberg at the end of the year, you should stop by the wonderful Christmas market that brings together local people and visitors every year. Once again, if you end up doubting: Kaysersberg was also selected as the ” Preferred Village of the French audience” in 2017. Definitely, the French are crazy about this region and now we know the reason ?.

The Christmas market and its visitors

Alsace is truly a French gem when speaking of small charming villages. Book a holiday in this region and you will never regret it. We wish you a pleasant discovery of the region! If you enjoy your trip in the East, also go to the Alps and the ski resorts, here you can check out our selection of the most beautiful mountain chalets.