Who doesn’t dream of summer during the whole year? About a trip to paradise, with leaving the stress behind and finally enjoying a crystal clear sea while sunbathing on a beach of fine sand… Is it that hard to find a destination like this?

Not at all! And you don’t have to travel to the exotic and expensive destinations in order to relax in paradise. In the Mediterranean Sea, just a few hours by plane, you will find one of the most enchanting islands in the world: Sicily.

This Italian region is a jewel surrounded by clean and transparent waters that give life to an extensive and varied coastline along the island. If you want to know which are the best beaches on Sicily, then read on and visit them during your next travel to this magnificent island! 

5 best beaches on Sicily that are like heaven on earth

San Vito lo Capo

5 best beaches sicily san vito lo capo

North of the island you’ll find one of our favourite beaches of Sicily, because of many reasons… The first reason is the proximity to some of the most touristic towns in the area such as Palermo or Trapani. Secondly, reaching the beach is quite easy since it can be accessed both by car and by bus. In addition, the landscape is spectacular! Fine and totally white sand, transparent waters where you can see the fish from the shore… And finally, you can practice all kinds of water sports in its calm waters, with as recommendations diving and snorkelling to discover the beautiful nature.

Mondello Beach

5 best beaches sicily mondello beach

If you are only a few days on the island and you want to enjoy it at its fullest, one of the beaches you cannot miss is Mondello Beach. Also located in the north of the island and one of the closest to Palermo. Its proximity to the capital makes it one of the most visited beaches of the island. In addition, you will fall in love with the natural environment of this beach and yes, you will feel like living in paradise: the turquoise Mediterranean, calm waters, fine sand, all kinds of services… It is perfect for a tourist of any kind who wants to visit one of the most important cities of Sicily combined with a beach holiday, enjoying the sun and the great temperatures.

Scala dei Turchi

5 best beaches sicily scala dei turchi

We have to cross the island to discover another beach where you can enjoy a paradise beach, located in the south: Scala dei Turchi. Unlike the previous ones where you’ll be suprised by the clarity of its waters, here you will amazed by the high and white rocky walls that surround the beach. They look like little mountains of salt, but no, they are just the dream scenario in which your next vacation will take place. Little waves, a perfect sea to take a dip and a unique natural environment on the island, we are sure you’ve never ever seen a beach like this before!  

Isola Bella

5 best beaches sicily isola bella

The name means: “The beautiful Island”. One of the most beautiful beaches on Sicily is the one you’ll find in the city of Taormina. Its main peculiarity? It is a beach directly next to an island or peninsula (depending on the time you visit it) offering a unique landscape. It is a virgin beach, but equipped with all comforts, where nature is the protagonist and in which, after bathing in its waters, can dive deeper into the ‘beautiful’ island. 

Capreria Beach

5 best beaches sicily capreria

As we love the beaches with a unique landscape, Capreria Beach also belongs to our top 5 with best beaches on Sicily. It is located inside the Zingaro Reserve, a large green area where all the lovers of nature will lose themselves. There are areas with pebble -why not that many people visit this beach- and areas of fine sand, so it is ideal if you’re searching for a place to lose yourself in nature and enjoy a quiet beach.

Other charming beaches on Sicily

One of the most visited places because of its picturesque atmosphere is the town of Cefalù, a place where we find some of the most touristy beaches of Sicily. In this case the environment is surrounded by a charming fishing village where we invite you to discover its delicious cuisine on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Another bathing area located in the heart of one of the most beautiful towns of the island is Castellamare beach: ideal for those who want to make an excursion to the temple of Segesta and want to end the day relaxing with the sounds of the sea in the background. It is a beach with lively atmosphere, beach bars, sunbeds, umbrellas… In short, the perfect setting for a day of sun and beach in one of the places that is most loved by the Sicilians.

5 best beaches sicily capo orlando

Finally, if you are going to travel to the island with friends and you would like to enjoy the night, we recommend you to visit the Capo de Orlando, in the province of Messina. It has beautiful beaches of fine sand including one of the best known called San Gregorio. The sea is totally turquoise and crystalline, and on the coast you can enjoy many bars and clubs in front of the Mediterranean Sea, every afternoon many young locals and visitors meet after a sunny day.

Well, this was our list with the best beaches on Sicily, an extensive island with many areas that offer you stunning beaches with all one thing in common: a sea with clear, turquoise and calm waters. Enjoy the good weather of the island, take advantage of the natural environment that surrounds them and fall in love with Sicily, a small paradise in the heart of the Mediterranean.