Did you know that the beach can boost your mood and make you calmer? Professors suggest that just by looking at the sea for a short period of time, your mind reaches a meditative state. In addition, summer is a synonym of the beach and we all agree life is better by the coast. So, embark with us on this journey and let’s explore the 5 best beaches in Pollensa.

beaches in Pollensa

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Beaches in Pollensa: a paradise near you

Puerto Pollensa Beach

This is one of the main beaches in Pollensa and while we can’t miss it because of its beautiful views to the Formentor peninsula, we have also prepared a selection of beaches and coves that are less occupied and also part of them are nudist-friendly!

Also called Platja del Port de Pollensa, the beach is located south from the harbor, it’s 1 and a half kilometer of fine sand. The waters are shallow and calm which makes bathing with children a joyful experience. There is also a section with sun lounges as well as toilets and showers. When noontime comes, it’s time to visit one of the great cafés or restaurants along the seafront.

If you want to be more active on your beach holiday, you can rent boats, windsurfing equipment or water bikes.

From the harbor, it’s also possible to take diving trips or rent a small motor boat.

Your holiday in Pollensa can be a wonderful experience but if you don’t like to be surrounded with too many people, we suggest you looking at the other options or simply come at the beginning of September when the tourist crowds will drastically decrease.

Cala Figuera

Rocky beach, lush vegetation and turquoise waters – the image we all have of Mallorca, right?

We will also tell you that this beach is a paradise for those looking for tranquility as this beach is one of the least visited on the island.

The entrance to the sea is a bit difficult as the seabed is all rocks so we recommend putting on diving shoes. But after a few meters further in the sea, the seabed is covered with soft sand so bathing gets nicer and nicer.

Due to the fact, that’s it’s rocky and also a bit hard to reach the beach, children can’t be seen around. Usually, its visitors are people seeking for adventures or it’s also frequented by naturists.

So, we’ve mentioned that this beach is a little complicated to reach to and you will see why.

The beach is located 13 km away from the Pollensa Port and you can reach it by car or by bus. You should follow the direction of Cap de Formentor and when you reach it, you will see a sign that direct us to the beach. Once we reach the detour of Cala Murta (another beautiful cove by the way), leave the car (parking is easy) and embark on 20 min journey. If you arrive by bus, you should also get off at Cala Murta with line 353. The route that you are going to take through a pine forest is 100% worth it, as you will pass by some incredible views over the sea with clean and crystal waters.

Put on comfortable shoes and take plenty of water!

If hiking isn’t your thing, why not see the Cala Figuera from another perspective? Yes, that’s right! Another option is to see the cove from the sea by hopping on a boat.

In any case, don’t miss this virgin paradise if possible! You should also bear in mind that they are no facilities on the beach which make the experience even more authentic and wild!

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Cala Murta

We continue with the selection of virgin coves that will take your breath away although the hard access. Nestled in the bay of Formentor, which is about 20 km from Pollensa, you can spend a day sunbathing and swimming on this just 180 meters long pebbled beach, surrounded by cliffs and incredible nature. There are no facilities so bring enough food and drinks. If you want to know what else to bring, check out this beach checklist. Due to its access and the fact that it’s considered a wild beach, nudist people make the majority of its visitors.

To reach the beach, we take the road from Pollensa that goes to Faro de Formentor. You will pass through closed road curves while enjoying the spectacular scenery. Then the next mandatory stop on the way to the beach is Mirador del Colomer. When you pass the Formentera beach, you will reach a sign that indicates Cala Murta. From there, you still have left 1500 meters through a pine forest. But when you arrive, you will see anchoring yachts at the background, the typical Balearic picture, in addition to crystal clear blue waters. See the video ⬇

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Platja de Formentor

Visiting one of the most incredible beaches in Pollensa will make you feel like you are on the other side of the world, in the Caribbean. It has a sandy stretch of 1 km and the coast is bathed by the clean waters of the Mediterranean. While enjoying the endless horizon in front of you, the beach is surrounded by greenery which makes relaxing easier than ever. The trees are almost bathed into the sea which already creates the tropical atmosphere.

The beach is divided into three zones, where tourists can choose from renting hammock or umbrellas. However, the prices, especially in the peak season can be relatively high. The sea is also calm which makes it perfect for children. This beach is frequented by visitors of all ages and it can be crowded in the summer months. However, you won’t find it overwhelming. On the contrary, it can be very peaceful.

You can also practice water sports. For example, you can go diving or snorkeling or rent the necessary equipment to practice windsurfing.

If you start feeling hungry, there are 2 restaurants on the beach, one-buffet and the other offers food such as pizzas, hamburgers, different type of fishes.

How to reach the beach? You can do it by car or taking the bus, line 353, from Port Pollensa that stop on the Formentera beach.

Platja d’Albercutx

It’s one of the best-known beaches in Pollensa and the most visited among tourists. It stretches for 2,300 meters. It has white sand and the sea is in the colour of magical blue. The beach is situated in about 6km away from Pollensa, situated between Port Pollensa and Punta de l’Avançada. There is a lot of small beaches located along this coastal stretch. On the left side, you will see the military naval and seaplane base. In the middle of Punta de l’Avançada, you will find the fortress and on the sea end, there is the lighthouse.

Do you want to know more?

A little bit of history about the fortress. It was built in 1622 and its purpose was to defend Pollensa from the pirate attacks. This beach is suitable for families looking for relaxation. On top of that, it’s easily accessible by car or by public transport. People like it because there are also several beach bars where you can have a drink or a snack.

Here, ends our selection with the beaches in Pollensa. Jump into your swimming suit and enjoy the summer. You can also see an international selection of the best beaches in Europe.

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