Costa Blanca is the ideal place for a getaway with the family. It has lots of neighboring localities, from where you can contemplate beautiful landscapes, as well as adults and children alike, can enjoy different leisure activities. Among all the Costa Blanca towns, our favourite one is Calp, and today we want to let you know why. So, if you are also planning a trip with the family in spring or summer, we suggest you visit Calp with children. Would you like to know why? Keep reading it out and you will discover the major town attractions as well as the most fun activities to do when you visit Calp with children.

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  • Peñon de Ifach. Its a large rock formation located on the shores of the Mediterranean, it is a symbol for the locality and also one of the main spots for excursions that most children will love it. It must also be said, that for families is preferable to walk up to the first stage of the walk. Since afterward the pathway gets more abrupt and for the little ones, it can even be dangerous. It is essential to wear comfortable shoes, bring a bottle of water and a camera with you because the pictures you can take from there are impressive. It is also a perfect route to do at any time of the year in Calp with children, although if you choose to do it in the summer, we advise you to escape from the hottest hours as the shade in this area is scarce.

Calp with children


  • Children areas. There are many areas in Calp designated for the smallest of the house; For example, in the most popular beaches such as La Fossa or El Arenal,  you can find different playgrounds. During the warmer months, you can also rent water scooters, go swimming up to a platform with inflatables just a  few meters from the shore … Additionally, in the center of the town, there are different spaces with swings for the little ones. Whether you are staying by the seafront or downtown, you will find different areas for children, so that, they can also play outdoor activities during their holidays.
  • Roman site. Sometimes we think that visiting monuments can bore children,  but in reality, everything depends on how we plan the excursion. That’s why we encourage you to make them go back in time, to almost two thousand years ago, so that, all of you together will discover one of the jewels of Calpe’s heritage: the deposit of the Queen´s bath. You can make them understand certain facts of antiquity, their origins and discover with it the importance of the Mediterranean area centuries ago. It is next to the sea and has been declared as one of the most important monuments of the Roman ‘Hispania’. Do you also want to travel to the past on your vacations? The kids will definitely love it!

Calp with children

  • Funfair in Calpe. With the arrival of the summer, begins the fun in Calpe for children, for example, in the Plaza del Mediterráneo a funfair opens during the summer afternoons. The animation is also guaranteed in Alemania Street, where your children can ride in bumper cars, little trains, and inflatable playgrounds … So,  if you are going to be between June and September in this area of the Costa Blanca, the little ones will have a great time in any of these funfairs that take place at the heart of the town.
  • All on board! Is there any child that does not like the sea? Or in other words, who, small or older, does not like sailing? For this reason, one of the plans that we suggest doing during your holidays is going to Calp and get on board a covered glass boat to discover the secrets of the Mediterranean seabed. You can reach the coasts of Denia or Benidorm while watching the bottom of the sea from the transparent deck of the ship, and with luck, you can even see certain marine life that inhabits this area. Another option is to sail on a catamaran and enjoy a beautiful sailing trip. Indeed, you must bear in mind, that these excursions usually take place in the summer months, from mid-June to mid-September, since that is when the weather conditions are more favorable and the demand is higher.

Calp with children

When should you travel to Calpe with kids?

There are certain dates of the year in which is better to prepare a visit to Calp.  

For example, the Night of San Juan is one of the most special nights of all the summer in Calp. Most of the festivities that are celebrated in the Valencian Community, the fire is a central element, and in this magical night, the bonfires take special relevance. Likewise, during the month of July, when many families are enjoying their vacations, the Fairs of Andalusia and the Virgen del Carmen are also celebrated in Calpe, two events in which, both children and adults will undoubtedly enjoy.

During the month of August, the patron saint festivities of Calpe take place: Patronal festivities in honor of the Virgen de las Nieves, this year will take place between 1st and 11th August. In addition, for those who want to stretch the sun’s rays to the maximum before autumn arrives. We suggest you visit Calpe in October when one of the most popular festivals of the town takes place: the Moors and Christians (from 18 to 22 of October). Parades, battles, recreations … a perfect opportunity to get to know Calpe and travel through time, enjoying the past in our present.


And to finish it off, if you are thinking of visiting Calp with children during the winter, do not worry because children’s leisure offer is not just limited to the summer dates. In winter, your children will also find many plans to do, for example, ice skating which is held every year at Plaza Mayor, so that, both children and adults can enjoy  Christmas activities by the shores of the Mediterranean.

So, as you already know, Calp is the ideal destination to visit if you go with the youngest of the house and perfect to meet at any time of the year, although in summer leisure offers multiply due to the increase in the number of tourists. Do you already have your holidays planned for the Costa Blanca? Have you already chosen everything to see and do in Calp?

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We know the importance of food and eating out when you go on holidays with children. Indulge yourself and your children in the gastronomy of Calpe following the list of our five best family restaurant in Calpe, you and your little ones will enjoy it! We also suggest you read out our article about things to do in Calp and its surroundings.

These were some of our tips on what to do in Calp with children. Of course, there is much more to do on the jewel of Costa Blanca. If you have already visited Calpe and have any other recommendation, let us know!

Do not hesitate to discover all the charming places of Calpe and Costa Blanca. We  guarantee you will have a memorable holiday in Calp with children ?