The destination where you can find paradise beaches, warm temperatures, unique gastronomy, picturesque villages and beautiful seaside landscapes. Of course we are talking about the magical island Tenerife! A beautiful place where you can enjoy the relaxation that nature gives the island 365 days a year. Are you planning to travel to this island? Read on, because today we will tell you more about the most beautiful places on Tenerife! 

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Discover the beautiful places on Tenerife

Tenerife is one of the favourite islands of the British and therefore, we’ll show you today why you should visit it by explaining more about the most beautiful places on Tenerife.

The nature of Tenerife

Although Tenerife invites you to enjoy the sun all year long, it is highly recommended to also discover the symbol of the island: the El Teide volcano. This volcano, grown into the highest part of Spain, takes you to another planet due to its beautiful landscape.

What can you do at the el Teide National Park? One of the essential things you can do is climb the top of the volcano through a cable car which gives you a spectacular 360 degree view that will make you speachless. During this climb, wearing warm clothes is very important, because the higher you climb, the more the Canary temperatures fade away. In addition to the famous volcano, there are more landscapes on Tenerife that every wildlife lover wants to discover: “el Parque Rural de Teno”, “el Parque Rural de Anaga”, “The Cliffs of the Giants” and “el Parque del Drago”. 

beautiful places on tenerife teide muchosol

The Drago is a tree that symbolizes the area and in Drago National Park you can learn more about the history of this beautiful nature reserve. The tree located in this park is over 800 years old! 

Do you want to discover more nature areas at Tenerife? The island has a number of routes you can follow: bike paths, the honey route, the route of almond blossoms, the whale shrine or learn more about our planets and stars through the educational routes.

Paradise beaches

You cannot have been on Tenerife without discovering its beautiful beaches. Because of the sun and the temperature you can enjoy the paradise beaches at any time of the year. You will find beaches with fine gold sands and black beaches because of volcanic sand. The black beaches you can visit are: “Playa de Jardín”, “Playa de Alcalá”, “Playa de Ajabo”, “Playa de Almáciga”, “Playa de Antequera” and many more.

beautiful places on tenerife playa antequera muchosol

Those who prefer to relax on white beaches should visit the “Playa de los Cristianos”, “Playa de la Jaquita”, “Playa de San Juan” or “Playa de Torviscas”. The characteristics of all these beaches are fine white sand with a clear blue sea and all kinds of public occasions for the visitors. And of course you have the opportunity to practice all kinds of water sports or just relax and enjoy the beautiful island.

The picturesque villages on Tenerife

When visiting Tenerife, you should not forget to visit the beautiful villages of the island. The perfect way to discover all the villages is a tour on the island by rental car. We recommend to begin with “Caserío de Masca”: a small village where it seems like the houses are flying because of their location on the tops of the mountains. “Icod el Alto”, “Santa Cruz”, “Palo Blanco” or “Las Llanadas” are perfect in order to explore “Los Realejos“: these are places where you have a spectacular view at a thousand feet high.

beautiful places on tenerife masca muchosol

Another village that you cannot miss is “Igueste de la Candelaria”, one of the places with the biggest history of the island because of its graves and because it was the place for the holy cattle in the past. Subsequently, “Valle Guerra” is one of the most picturesque places on Tenerife. Here you will find traditional Canarian cuisines in rural restaurants in the little streets of the island: a perfect area for escaping the tourism and enjoying the culture of Tenerife. 

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And of course you should not miss the other beautiful historical cities such as: “Puerto de la Cruz”, “Buenavista Arona”, “Orotav”, “la Laguna”, “Tacoronte” or “Tegueste”.

beautiful places on tenerife buenavista muchosol

As you can see, Tenerife has many wonderful places to visit during your vacation on this island. The landscapes, the white and black beaches, the natural parks, the mountains, the picturesque villages, the gastronomy… A trip to Tenerife is undoubtedly a trip to a paradise for everyone, where you can always enjoy warm temperatures whenever you would like to go to this island. Discover the beautiful places on Tenerife yourself! 

most beautiful places on tenerife