We all like European and international destinations -especially Spain. And since we love this country so much, we would like to give you some tips about this country as holiday destination. There are many Spanish cities full of charm that also offer us amazing landscapes and monuments. Those cities are even more interesting when they are cheap! Today you will discover some of the cheapest Spanish cities you can visit.

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The cheapest Spanish cities: let’s prepare your next travel!

We wanted to create a list with the cheapest Spanish cities for the perfect getaway, whether you travel with family or friends. They are rich in historical and cultural heritage, as well as in leisure. Although the best, without a doubt, is the price: very economical both the accommodations and the activities.


cheapest spanish cities cordoba

Cathedral of Córdoba

This is a city full of art. The best time to visit Córdoba would be in april or may since there will be less tourists so you will be able to enjoy the city very relaxed. During these months it is also possible to see some of the processions, enjoy the pilgrimages and discover the beautiful courtyards of Córdoba.

The city has a lot of cultural heritage. Mainly, it emphasizes the well-known Mosque-Cathedral and the constructions among it. You can visit the cathedral for free first thing in the morning. Other places of interest -that are also free during the mornings- are the Alcazar (during the rest of the day it costs 4 euros) and the baths of the Caliphal Alcázar. The Medina of Azahara are the remains of an Arab population that was located on the outskirts of Cordoba. It is something that all travellers visit when they travel to Córdoba. By the way, did you know that the historic centre of the city is the second largest in Europe?

About its food, most of the Cordoban restaurants offer good menus for very good prices. For example, bar Miguelito (between Avenida de Cádiz and Plaza de Santa Teresa) serves savoury traditional dishes and menus from 10 euros. Another good restaurant is Taberna Rafalete. The menu costs 12 euros per person and the most popular dishes are the oxtail, the garlic and pinchitos.


cheapest spanish cities cuenca

Foto: www.vistazo.com

In Cuenca, tourists enjoy strolling through its stone alleys, visiting the Cathedral of Santa María and San Julián and admiring the famous hanging houses. Besides, it a destination loved by nature lovers and those who like to practise outdoor sports: explore the beautiful Enchanted City and the mountains.

People speak very well about the gastronomy in Cuenca: good quality for a good price. Mainly recipes with meat, especially lamb and pork, cooked in the oven or in a stew. The morteruelo, zarajos, migas with egg, ajo arriero, gazpacho pastor and mojete are very typical dishes of this town. You can try them in most of its restaurants, for example in Olea Comedor (Calle Colón, 54) or in Raff San Pedro (in Calle San Pedro), which is a very cool place with stone walls, like a cave.


cheapest spanish cities logroño

Foto: elpais.com

A rural house in the town of Logroño with mountain views, can be the perfect accommodation for a couple. During the day you can go to the city to enjoy a wine tasting in one of the numerous wineries and after take a walk along the Ebro river. Following this route you will discover the stone bridge, something very characteristic of the city, also known as the Bridge of San Juan de Ortega. In addition, you can also see the Cathedral of Santa Maria la Redonda and its towers.

Regarding the food, it is one of the cheapest Spanish destinations to eat. The bars and restaurants of Laurel Street have good reviews in terms of price/quality. Here you can try the typical tapas: tortilla, bravas, mushrooms…


cheapest spanish cities avila

Foto: http://diarium.usal.es

Another cool Spanish destination is Ávila. The most important must-see is the wall you see on the picture above. It has a perimeter of 2516 metres and remains complete despite its age. Visiting the wall is possible for 5 euro, but Tuesdays at noon it’s free.

A place you should also visit is the monument of the 4 poles. It is located on the outskirts, crossing the river Adaja, and from here you can enjoy an impressive panorama view of Ávila, which is surrounded by the entire wall.

Ávila is a perfect destination for people who love to always learn more about history, because there are many historical buildings that you can visit: the Palace of the Polentinos, the Cathedral of Salvador, the Basilica of San Vicente, the Convent of San José…

And, what about gastronomy? Well, it’s excellent. Who would like to try the good steak of Ávila should go to Los Candiles (Pedro de Lagasca Street, 5), a cosy place that serves typical food from Avila. The Siglodoce restaurant, which has a tasting menu for a good price and is located at the foot of the cathedral, also enjoys good reviews.


cheapest spanish cities salamanca

We would like to end our list with cheapest Spanish cities with the beautiful city of Salamanca. It was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988 and is famous for its monuments and University, which is the oldest of Spain. The places that have the most visitors are this University, the two Cathedrals (the New and the Old) and the Plaza Mayor. However, there are many more buildings that deserve a visit: the Casa Lis, the Casa de las Conchas or the San Esteban Convent.

Regarding the gastronomy, in Salamanca you can try many different dishes. What you should try before you leave? The lentils of the Armuña and the wine of the Arribes, Salamanca delicacies. Actually the city has managed to be one of the leading exporters of sausages and meats, like ham and meat “Guijuelo morucha”. A highly praised restaurant serving all kinds of meats and wines is the Vinodiario (on the Plaza de los Basilios); another that also has good reputation is Mencia (Calle Grillo, 11), where the cod is the most important dish.

These are 5 of the cheapest Spanish cities for a getaway. Do you already have a favourite? The best thing is that you would choose more known cities above these, which makes them even more interesting!