Gran Canaria is a Spanish island located west of morocco, and one of the most important islands of Spain: year after year visited by millions of travellers. It has a rich historical, cultural and artistic heritage thanks to places such as the Casa de Colón Museum or the Cathedral of the Canaries. In addition, since 2005, a large part of the island and its marine border have been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. All these attractions, together with the great places to visit with the little ones thanks to its theme parks and leisure offer, make Gran Canaria with kids one of the best options for families who love to travel.

Plans to enjoy Gran Canaria with kids

A camel ride

gran canaria with kids camel ride

Sounds exotic right? You should go to the Barranco de Fataga area and take a walk around the small town of Arteara. A company that offers this activity is Camel Safari Gran Canaria, with which you will have the opportunity to travel and contemplate a spectacular landscape of the island on the back of a camel. The aforementioned Barranco de Fataga appears covered by thousands of palm trees, as if it were a region of the African continent.

To continue with tourism in this area, something that will also attract the attention of children is the Necropolis of Arteara, an archaeological site, the largest cemetery of the indigenous people of Gran Canaria, the Canarii. You are going to feel like Indiana Jones for one day!

Visit the Botanical Garden “Viera y Clavijo”

gran canaria with kids botanic garden

Your kids will feel like explorers in the middle of the jungle. You will see species that belong to the area known as Islas de la Macaronesia, which is formed by the islands of Madeira, the Azores and Cape Verde. In addition, you will also discover the typical plants and flowers of the 7 Canary islands. It is a huge (27 hectares) and important place, because in the garden there are also international meetings, congresses and temporary exhibitions. It is also a centre for research and conservation of flora and plant species in danger. Besides the exotic vegetation, here you can also see waterfalls and caves.

If you have decided to visit Gran Canara with kids, check out our holiday homes on this island

Discover the sea in a submarine

gran canaria with kids submarine

If you are in Puerto de Mogán, do not miss the opportunity to take a ride in submarine. You can do this in the famous and loved Submarine Yellow of Submarine Adventure. During the dive (40 minutes and 25 metres deep) you will visit sunken ships and you will make a tour of the beautiful and clean underwater world of the Mogán coast. All seen through the large windows the ship has.

Visit the Wild West

gran canaria with kids wild west

A great plan to do in Gran Canaria with kids is visiting the Sioux City theme park. It takes place on a location where once was a film set, now converted into a real town of the American Far West. It is located in the Eagle Canyon, near the beaches of Maspalomas. Real and varied shows are held so that the kids (and you) will feel like you are in a real movie. You will see the cattle go by, bank robberies, assaults of the Indians and much more. Oh! You can also taste real tex-mex food.

Go to the Elder Museum of Science and Technology

gran canaria with kids elder museum


It is one of the most complete and interactive museums in the country. In its four floors you will find exhibition halls dedicated to technology, astronomy, biology, physics… Your kids will have a great time watching the digital planetarium, a 3D cinema and a very interesting series of historical elements, such as an authentic steam locomotive from 1885 (this can also be seen without entering the museum), old ships or an F-5 combat aircraft. The perfect place for children to have fun while they learn.

Live the Carnival in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

gran canaria with kids carnival of las palmas

It depends on the dates when you are visiting the island but, our recommendation is to visit Gran Canaria between the end of January until the beginning of February in order to not miss the spectacular festival of the capital of Gran Canaria. It is one of the oldest and most celebrated festivals, for more than 500 years. The first reference made to the Carnival dates from 1574, mentioning the masked dance that took place in the house of Canon Pedro León for the marriage of Matías Cairasco.

Besides the many celebrations that adults can enjoy during the Carnival (parties, parades, animations, performances…), you will also find numerous events prepared especially for the little ones. Such as the contest of children’s parades, the festival of children’s costumes, the Gala of the Infant Queen, the Parade for children or the original carnival for puppies.

To these fun plans we would have to add the days of sun and sand (with sand castles included) or the hiking routes in order to enjoy the beautiful natural landscapes, such as Barranco de Guayadeque. Do you want to know more islands of the Canarian Archipelago? Tenerife, for example? Do not miss this post with the most touristic and beautiful places you can see there.