If you are already planning your next family vacation, perhaps you struggle with preparing the luggage for the little ones. Therefore, in our article today about holidays with kids, we would like to give you a hand when packing the suitcase. We will reveal what can’t be missed, what things are dispensable and which ones are “just in case”.

Madrid is a good destination to visit with children

Holidays with kids: Let’s pack the suitcase together

Clothes for children

As far as children are concerned, it’s better to take more clothes, than less. As it is easier to get dirty. Children are also more vulnerable to temperature changes, so even if you go to a warm destination, put something warm in case it gets colder when the sun sets. You can pack an outfit per day, plus an extra one. Take underwear, a travel blanket, and two pairs of comfortable shoes as well as flip flops (for the pool, beach or shower). Did you know that Madrid is a perfect escape if you travel with children? 

If you travel for a long period of time and your accommodation has a washing machine, take a small bottle of detergent or a bar of soap, so you can throw the dirty clothes into the laundry. If there isn’t a washing machine, you can do wash the clothes in the sink.

A tip, jeans a versatile piece that does not wrinkle and, if they are elastic, they are very comfortable to wear all day.

holidays with kids


You can’t miss that on the list! They will be useful both for the journey and on the arrival at the destination. A good idea is to ask the child to choose one or two toys from among his favorites to take away on the holiday. Of course, it would be better if they are light and don’t take up much space. For older children, you can put some books and coloring sheets.

holiday with kids


It’s good to think about small snacks. Take a small lunch box with some food, especially for the journey. You never know when a “Mummy, I’m hungry” attack may come up. ? Try to choose something that will not melt or crush, like chocolates or soft fruits. Better pack something solid and well closed such as juices or purées. 

✅ You can also put a bottle of water in your suitcase (if there is space).

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First aid kit

It’s recommended that, in a toiletry kit, you put medicines such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. If you can, put in the suitcase also saline, bandages, gauze pads, scissors and mosquito repellent. In addition, don’t forget some disinfectant and ointments, in case your little troubles get hurt during your holidays with kids.

Following that, you can also take sunscreen cream, something essential even if it’s winter and you are heading to the warm Canary Islands. Also, don’t forget the health insurance card!

holiday with kids

Diapers if they are babies

It’s a good idea to take diapers for one or two days, and also wipes and ointment. Once at the destination, you can buy more “provisions”. However, if you go to the countryside, take more diapers in case there are no places nearby to buy them.

What else?

  • It may be useful to take a baby carrier or think about renting a pushchair at the destination. The stroller takes a lot of space and, maybe, you can’t take it with you (depending on the ways of transport).
  • If the child is old enough and will be responsible for their things, get a suitcase with wheels for him. Small and light, that it’s easy to carry.
  • Bring accessories such as children’s sunglasses, rubber bands and hair clips, pacifiers etc.
  • Place the things in the suitcase so that space is as optimized as possible. Here we leave you a step by step guide of how to make the luggage.
  • Don’t carry too much. There will be some stores where you can buy the things you’ve left at home.

These are our tips for preparing the children’s suitcase! It’s clear that each family has different needs. Perhaps, we are missing something in this post about holidays with kids that is essential for you. If that’s the case, tell us! We would love to add your suggestions. Still, don’t know where your next family trip will be? Well, we leave you some suggestions for getaways to do with children this year.