Travelling is always exciting and there are some things you should experience while on your travels! If you are a true traveller, maybe you are tempted to read about the following 7 travel tips. Get out of your comfort zone and go to to your dream vacation!

7 travel tips for a true travel lover

We say stop the mass tourism!

Don’t try to fit into stereotypes because, for example, a trip to Paris won’t be the same for a sportsman, an artist, a history teacher or an architect. They won’t visit the same places, and won’t have the same idea of a “successful trip”. That’s why one of our travel tips is to not feel obliged to see everything. Refuse to be one of those people who are more tired after the trip than before that. Opt for a ‘’pleasure” trip without pressure.

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The trip is a celebration of all the senses!

One of our travel tips is to not just look for famous monuments. “You can only see with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes” said the little prince of Saint-Exupery. Travel to feel out of place, capture atmospheres, not photos, get lost in alleys, stroll through neighborhoods, talk with locals, discover new cultures. If you feel bored, check out our guide to kill the boredom.

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Indeed, it is! Let’s celebrate it in Calp 🙂

Delight your taste buds!

When traveling, the word diet has to be out of your dictionary, our first travel suggestion! Taste all the typical dishes, have fun, that’s why you’re here. Try any kind of food, create memories, and let it go. Remember, the last time when you were happy? Were you controlling everything or not?

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And what a better place for delicious meals than Rome

Cultivate your adventurous and wild nature

Try to escape from all the travel guides or those organized trips.  Get lost through the streets and leave the GPS behind. Don’t criticize yourself and admit that all choices, you’ve made are excellent. Opt for a trip “without obligation or sanction “. What matters is the change of pace of environment, not rushing through the city to see each monument.

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Be adventurous in the Canaries

Do what you would not dare to do at home

Get out of your comfort zone, what are you risking? Nobody knows you! A trip is the best opportunity to make new experiences, learn local dance, talk to everyone you meet. Be open-minded, friendly, genuine and spontaneous. Behave as the fulfilled person you want to be, you will come back transformed, as well as more assured and confident.

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Learn some words from the local language

Take advantage of the slightest opportunity to use them in a 1 to 1 conversation! Residents always appreciate the foreigner’s efforts to try to speak their language. Ask around what is the culinary specialty, where is the old town, and all that in the local language. A trip is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture and come back changed. So don’t hesitate to try to talk to locals, and who knows? You may have a nice meeting or at least it would be useful to ask about the prices which are important for your travel savings.

Immortalize the highlights.

It happens that during a trip, we think about what we will tell our family or relatives when we return home. Knowing how to tell an adventure is also part of the pleasure of traveling. Make yourself a little travel diary, and take spontaneous photos so you can share them afterwards. These little pieces of evidence will help you when you have to talk about your holidays. On top of that, you can share your memories on Instagram and make the co-worker jealous. ? To make the best photos, take a look at our guide for more instagrammable photos.

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So, are you ready to enjoy your trip? You know already the travel tips, now it’s time to relax and discover. Also, see this guide of travel movies, you can download during your journey.