Are you heading to southern Portugal this summer and want a full tan from head to toe? So, it is high time for you to know the best nudist beaches in the Algarve, where the swimsuit is not necessary.

The golden steep cliffs and the bays nestled between rocks makes the Algarve coast absolutely beautiful. They will offer you numerous paradisiac beaches of fine sand, in a very preserved and wild natural environment that suit all tastes. In addition, Portugal will seduce you with its picturesque villages and traditional cuisine. So, you just have to choose the beach where you will unroll your towel this summer!☀️

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The nudist beaches in the Algarve 

There are officially 3 beaches in the Algarve known as nudist beaches: Ilha da Barreta, Praia do Homem Nu, and Praia das Adegas. On the other hand, we will also introduce you to small secluded beaches where naturists usually visit them.

La Praia das Adegas 

nudist beaches in the Algarve

Close to the small village of Aljezur, Adegas beach is within a protected natural park of Southwest Alentejano and Costa Vicentina. It is one of the best naturist beaches in Portugal. Surrounded by large cliffs and made of fine sand, as well as it boasts a  charming wild environment. Besides, it is accessible through a small path from the beach Odeceixe (both beaches meet together at a low tide).

◼️ Add-on: swimming is supervised ?.

La Praia do Homem Nu

nudist beaches in the Algarve

Located on the tiny island of Tavira, the “beach of the naked man” is the oldest naturist beach in the Algarve. It is connected to the very popular beach of Barril: access is a bit difficult, but absolutely well worth it. What’s more, the more you walk towards the west the fewer people you will bump into. It´s a long sandy beach that keeps the charm of wild dunes, and where seems that nature rights are more protected. 

◼️ A little add-on: there is a small beach bar next door on Barril beach.

La Ilha da Barreta

nudist beaches in the Algarve

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Also known as Ihla Deserta, it is in the Ria Formosa Natural Park, a set of 60-kilometer coastal lagoons. As its name suggests, it is a desert beach: you will not find houses along the beach, it is made of just fine golden sand, and it is not crowded with  tourists. In this place, you will spend a day of peace and tranquility.

◼️ A little add-on: it is accessible by boat from the port of Faro.

Wild beaches not to be missed

Although these three beaches are officially the only ones recognized as nudists, there are some other wild and secluded beaches spotted by naturists.

The Praia Das Furnas


To find the beach of Das Furnas (which belongs to the small village of Vila do Bispo), follow the signs from the nearby village of Figueira before taking a small dirt road and keep walking until the end. Its difficult access makes it one of the most secluded, wild, and therefore popular between naturists. The beach, after a few meters of small stones and pebbles, is made of fine sand. 

◼️ Tip: It´s better to  bring with you water and nibble, since you will not find anything in the proximity. 

Meia Praia

nudist beaches in the Algarve

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The easternmost part of Meia Praia beach, in the city of Lagos, has become in recent years a privileged area for nudism; indeed,  some groups have requested to be officially recognized, so hpefully it will be listed as nudist beaches in the Algarve. At the moment, the portion of the beach where nudism is tolerated begins at the golf course (Onyria Palmares Beach Golf). Although this beach is very crowded with tourists, this part of the beach is usually quieter.

Praia do Zavial

nudist beaches in the Algarve

Also belonging to the small village of Vila do Bispo, the beach of Praia do Zavial is much less wild than the previous ones: restaurants by the beach, car parks, supervised swimming, a lot of tourists … nonetheless nudist enjoy bathing at the end points. It is a beautiful sandy beach, with a family atmosphere.

Up to here our selection of the best nudist beaches in the Algarve. All you have to do is to enjoy the sun on the beach that you prefer the most. And after a good day at the beach, you may feel a bit starving, so check this useful link with a list of the best Portuguese restaurants to enjoy in the Algarve. Besides, since you might visit Lisbon, during your visit to Algarve, you might find handy this link of how to get around the Potuguese capital by public  transport  and a list of free plans that you can do while in Lisbon Have a lovely trip!