Gandia, the perfect destination!

It already smells like summer! The heat has arrived and the desire to escape for a few days to disconnect, relax and explore a new place is stronger than ever. If you are one of those people who loves going on holiday to the beach in summer and relaxing in the sun, be sure to take note of Marta’s advice: she’s found a 10/10 summer holiday destination.

Our Team Recommends Part 6: Gandia

Hey Marta! Which location would you recommend?

Hi! Now that most people have finished their exams and many parents are thinking about where they can take their children after the long school year, I would suggest Gandia to them. Gandia is a perfect destination if you are travelling with friends or family. Well, even if you are travelling as a couple too.

What makes this place special?

Besides its long beaches, what makes this place really special are the memories of the good times I had there.

Since I was tiny I had the opportunity to enjoy Gandia’s beaches with my grandparents, cousins and friends.

Now we have all grown up and clearly the family has got bigger, but last year we wanted to remember old times and of course we chose to go to Gandia again. In order to enjoy a few days of relaxation to the full we rented an apartment and it was the perfect choice as we had more privacy and above all felt at home.

Gandia beach coast

Which parts of the city are a must-see?

Well, that depends really on who you are travelling with, for this question I’ll answer in three parts depending on whether you’re travelling with children, friends, or as a couple.

If travelling with children there is much more to do than just visiting the beaches. In Gandia there are many activities for children to enjoy and spend some time playing with other children of the same age.

Along the Neptune Promenade in the evening at about 9pm children can participate in theatre shows, singing stories, and playing games. There are entertainers spread along the promenade, you just have to find the ones near to your accommodation.

You could also take them to Gandilandia Amusement Park. It is open from 7pm to 1am and is located in Cami Vell de València, in front of Falkata nightclub.

For those travelling with friends and are sports fans too, along the beach there are goalposts, volleyball nets and basketball nets. Fun and laughter are guaranteed!

If you want to experience the nightlife it is handy to know that club promoters give out flyers and discounts for the local nightclubs at the beach. Everyday there is a different theme and atmosphere.

On the other hand if you are travelling as a couple, I would recommend some of the more chilled out bars which I particularly love. In Gandia there are several, such as Agua de Coco, located in the Ducal area which is the more relaxed version of the famous coco loco nightclub. At Agua de Coco, by day you can relax in the pool and by night you can sip delicious cocktails. Another nice chilled out place is Varadero playa located in the fishing port area. It is an ibizan style bar with an air of exclusivity – you will most definitely love it!

What do you like most about this city?

What I really love about Gandia is that despite the thousands of tourists who head there each year, you can always find a spot to sit and relax without being bothered by other people and you can do things without having to wait around ages in queues. This is what I really love.

What is your favourite place in Gandia?

My favourite place is the Neptuno Promenade. Every time I go back to Gandia I never tire of walking along the promenade from one end to the other, maybe stopping for an ice-cream from one of the many ice-cream shops along the way with the soothing sound of the waves in the background – there’s really nothing more relaxing!

Gandia port

Do you know of any secret spot you could let us in on?

I actually know quite a few corners of this city, but without a doubt the best place if you are travelling with a pet is the beach which has been facilitated for dogs known as Playa Can. It is located on the beach of L’Ahuir, an area with sand dunes, making this spot even more special. Last year we took our puppy and he loved playing in the waves. It’s amazing!

What would be your perfect day in Gandia?

For me the best days are always spontaneous, but as you can imagine the day would start with breakfast on the balcony of the apartment. It’s much nicer if you opt for an apartment with seaviews.

What is there to do during the morning? Well, you can soak up the sun and build sandcastles at the beach, play in the waves, stroll along the shoreline and just generally relax.

For lunch I would definitely recommend trying paella or fideua. And for those who have their pet with them I’d say go to Playa Can for an afternoon of fun.

Finally, seeing as the day should always end just as well, if not better, than it started I recommend going to one of the chilled out bars on the beach in the evening.

What would be the song of your trip?

Without a doubt the song of the holiday would be “Grease Summer Nights” by Lurycs. Several summers ago I went to Gandia with some friends and we couldn’t stop listening to this song. Now it brings back such good memories of times spent in Gandia when I listen to it!

Describe Gandia in three words.

Summer, beach, fun.

Any advice for future visitors?

The best advice I can give is to enjoy each day as if it’s the last day of the holiday, make the most of each wander, discover the real mediterranean cuisine and above all enjoy the time with your family and friends. If you follow some of my recommendations, I am sure that you will want to return to Gandia one day.

Thank you Marta for telling us all about your trips to Gandia for the 6th installment of Our Team Recommends. We can’t wait for next month and the next installment. All that we can say is that we are 100% sure that you will fall in love with next month’s destination!