The second largest department in France is known for its great beaches, the surf spots, the huge Dune of Pilat and for its foie gras, which is considered to be one of the best in the world. But on the silver coast, you can not only taste this dish but also lamb, fish, seafood and many vegetables. Would you like to know the restaurants in Landes to try these and some other delicious dishes? Then keep on reading because we give you a selection of restaurants in the Landes. Furthermore, here are some plans for your day trip to Landes! 

Restaurants in the Landes: our selection

The gastronomic offer in the Landes is greater in the summer because it adapts to the huge amount of tourists who come to explore this region. Even so, we found numerous recommendable restaurants and cafés in its different municipalities.

Enjoy the best restaurants while staying in the Landes

La Cave aux Moules 

In this restaurant at the Moliets beach, you can try a dish that is very typical for France, the moules frites: steamed mussels accompanied with chips, but garnishes can vary. For example, the carbonara or roquefort mussels are very famous in this region. However, you can’t reserve a table and in the high season usually you need to queue. But the service is fast and the portions are plentiful enough. Besides mussels, they also serve pizzas and salads.

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Photo: Lassus Celine

Le Napoli

In the region of Soorts-Hossegor Le Napoli pizzeria is a famous spot. Their pizzas are made of fine dough and they bake it in wood ovens in front of the eyes of the diners. They have a wide variety of pizzas, with combinations outside the traditional. Their menu also contains meat and fish dishes. Le Napoli also offers a menu for about €15, consisting of mussels as a starter and pizza for the main course, plus dessert.

The number of pizzerias in Les Landes is huge and usually, they all offer extraordinary pizzas, in addition to the classic ones. Some of them are even garnished with honey, apples, prawns or mussels…

Restaurants in the Landes napoli

Nina Café

A restaurant with breathtaking views. It is located in the town of Capbretom, on the François Miterrand Boulevard. It’s a little more expensive than the previous ones with the interior designed down to the smallest details.

You can find a degustation menu for €24.90 and cocktails between €7 and €9. The dishes look delicious but the seafood stands out. A glass of wine while enjoying the sunset here is a true pleasure. You know what? Every 15th of August fireworks can be seen from the terrace.

restaurants in the landes nina

Lou Casaou De Le Ma

The best place to eat oysters. Their menu is small, with four or five products, but you already know which is their specialty. The location is very cool, with views over the Lake Hossegor. The price is very good in relation to its quality since the oysters are fresh and the white wine is very good. The clients highlight the good personal behavior of the staff and they explain the menu in various languages.

Photo: TripAdvisor

Le Bistrot des Vignes

Many of the products that are served at the restaurant in Dax are typical for Spain, so that’s why we think it’s something very special. They have an extensive wine selection and the food offer is rich in choice. In addition to the generous Iberian tapas (ham, salami, pork loin, chorizo), they serve hamburgers with duck magret and foie gras or steamed mussels, among many other options.

Restaurants in the Landes vignes

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