Do you need some inspiration for your summer plans at night? You can still make the best out of your summer before going back to your routine. Whether you’re with friends or just with your other half. Here there are few fun things that you can come up with on a summer night, because at the end of the day, summer is just about good times, good people, good food  with good plans:

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Take note of these summer plans and get the best vibes?!

Attend a Festival

summer-plans-Food festival
Source: Europa Press

The best time to enjoy an outdoor festivals is definitely the summer, as the weather conditions are much better and the offer much wider. Lots of cities and villages celebrate the season with music outdoor concerts as well as wine, food, arts and crafts markets. These cultural festivals are a great way to spend your summer, and will bright up the night. 

Watch a sunset from the beach


Source: By Jon Sullivan from free stock photos
Source: By Jon Sullivan from free stock photos

There is nothing better than watching a sunset over the ocean! Wherever you are in the world, take advantages of this free show that take place every night. Just set up a nice camp on the beach, bring a beach blanket, grab some food and drinks, and enjoy a beautiful and relaxing evening while watching the magic of the sun´s rays, either with your friends or couple. 

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Take a stroll along the seashore


Source: By Artem Beliaikin from Pexels
Source: By Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

Although this plan suits best for couples due to the romantic atmosphere that it creates. However, if you do it alone, it will be also a perfect moment for yourself. Especially,  it is a perfect plan for the summer evenings. A relaxing feeling that everyone should have before the summer ends as it fully charges you.

So, take your shoes off and walk barefooted along the beach with your partner. Appreciate the beauty of the nature, the sound of the waves, and take this moment to tell your partner, how much you love him/her,  it will give your summer night a whole new meaning. Isn’t it romantic?? 

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Go Stargazing


Source: Pxhere
Source: Pxhere

Stargazing is for everybody, can be enjoyed with your friends and also with your partner. In a typical summer night when the sky opens up, and you’re there with just your partner. 

Stargazing makes you see yourselves as part of a bigger picture, and it makes you lost in wonder. Enjoy this highly recommended experience! 

Go camping 


Go camping for at least one night under the stars, and if the camping resort has a lake or a river, even better. This will be one of the best things ever you can do.  Although, you might not even sleep, as the night might extend more than when you invite people home, and no one wants to leave.

Make a memorable night out with your friends, with simple little things, while cooking a nice BBQ dinner.  You will be chatting, laughing and exchanging stories, bring some snacks and drinks, and don´t forget a deck of playing cards and most importantly a good music playlist. 

Host a house party 

Summer feeling is like Christmas, makes you feel like meeting people. So, why don´t you organise a house party to gather all your friends together?

Hosting a summer party is a great way to relax with your friends and create a memory to last a lifetime. Just pick a date and time that suit everyone and invite all your friends to come over. Remind them to wear or bring their swim suits if you have a pool available, because a dip in at night will be fun. 

A summer party needs to have lots of delicious food and drinks to keep the party ongoing and guests happy.  For dinner prepare some main dishes( hotdogs, omelettes, hamburgers, sandwiches…) and few finger foods ( veggie and chips with dip, crackers with cheese, popcorns…). If you are good at baking, a homemade cake will definitely surprise them! 

Source: Home wizards
Source: Home wizards

The list of summer plans is endless, but these were our top favourites ones. We hope they inspire you to make the list of things to do in your next destination. Have you already have one? if not, pick up your destination through our website and choose one of fabulous apartments or villas in Muchosol.  

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