We fell in love with Andorra and everything that it has to offer. This destination doesn’t stand out only for snow and skiing! There are many more plans we can make in this charming country. Would you like to visit Andorra on a weekend getaway? Then don’t miss out our guide to what to see and do in Andorra in 3 days. 

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What to see and do in Andorra: much more than just a snow destination

Given the fact that it’s a microstate, in 3 days you will see a large part of Andorra. You already know that it’s a skiing paradise, but we want to show you Andorra from a different angle. With its 468 square kilometers, this country will take your adventurous soul away.  

what to see and do in Andorra

Day 1. Andorra la Vella, the capital

This capital is one of the 7 parishes in which the Principality of Andorra is divided by. In addition, although it’s the most populated area,  it’s also the smallest, so it’s perfect for taking a walking tour. You will be surprised how many  interesting spots there are to be explored:

  • The House of the Vall. A beautiful and large construction that has been representing the city since 1580 and it used to be the seat of the General Council of Andorra. The administration of justice is now on the ground floor and, above,  it’s found the Council Chamber and a chapel. It’s interesting to see the closet of the seven keys: each lock belongs to a parish. You can visit it for free.

what to see and do in Andorra

  • Churches: We started with the most photographed of the municipality, the Church of Saint Stephen. It is in the Plaza del Príncep Benlloch and was built between the 12th and 13th centuries. It is in Romanesque style but it has undergone several renovations that have given it the ‘’original look’’. On this square, you will find the City Hall too. You can also see the Church of Santa Coloma (with a circular bell tower) together with the castle and church of Sant Vicenç d’Enclar.
what to see and do in Andorra
Saint Stephen church
  • Shopping in the Avenida de Meritxell. In the past, this was one of the reasons why Andorra used to receive so many visitors: items were sold out at a much lower price than in Spain. Now, thanks to the variety of offers on the Internet, this practice has decreased, but Avenida de Meritxell is still an interesting spot to spend a shopping afternoon. The market offers a wide range of: Perfumes, clothes, accessories, technology, food products, beverages. You should know that, on a regular basis, customs checks are carried out to check the luggage and that the units purchased for certain products don’t exceed the maximum allowed.
  • With the children in Central Park. It is considered as the green area of the capital, represented by a meadow and a playground area. And you know what? In summer the Circo del Sol sets up a tent and uses it as a training place.
  • Do you feel like eating out? You will like El Refugi Alpí. Its cuisine is franco-alpine, with fondues and grilled meats. We recommend the dining room at the top, it has beautiful views over the Valira River.

Day 2. Escape to the natural spaces

90% of Andora’s surface is covered by natural landscapes. Without leaving the capital you will find the route through the Rec del Solà and the Rec de L’Obac both are known as the two slopes of the Green Ring of Andorra la Vella. The walk is at a very high altitude, offering beautiful views from above. You can do the route during night time because there are street lamps providing light all the way up. You can start the hike from several points, even from the avenue of Meritxell, there are some stairs that will lead you to the route.

Of course, in the list of things to do in Andorra, we can’t skip the Valira River, which is a stream of the Segre River. It has the form of the letter ‘’Y’’ and its strong current crosses the Principality of Andorra.

what to see and do in Andorra

A good option to do after lunch is visiting the viewpoint of Roc del Quer. It’s 1900 meters high and while you are on the top the views over the mountains will take your breath away. It’s literally hanging from the mountain thus we don’t recommend it to people that are afraid of heights.

what to see and do in Andorra

If you like adventure and climbing, take a trip to Naturlandia, an adventure park that offers a more active tourism with activities and attractions such as the famous “Tobotronc” (alpine slide of 5.3 km in length and 400 meters of height) ), archery, quads, etc. Naturlandia is the largest park of this type in Europe.

You will also find dozens of planned routes to do on foot or by mountain bike.

A route through its lakes and ponds

In Andorra, you will find hundreds of wonderful lakes of glacial origin. Some of them are the Llac d’Engolasters (the most accessible), the Estanys de Juclà , the Estanys de Tristaina (accessible through one of the most popular itineraries) , the Circo de Pessons (located in a rocky landscape, with an even more complicated route), the Estany de Les Truites (in the Comapedrosa Natural Park) or the Estany de la Nou (in the Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley).

what to see and do in Andorra

Day 3. Culture and relaxation

Maybe you don’t know that Andorra is home to some unique museums. If you like art, you can’t leave Andorra without going to the Comic Museum in the small town of Massana. In addition, if you are seeking permanent and temporary exhibitions, you can also participate in some workshops. You will also find the Júlia Center – Perfume Museum in Escaldes-Engordany. The National Museum of the Automobiles, a jewel for the old cars lovers, which represents a collection from the XX century.

Finally, we can’t forget Caldea, the famous thermal center in Les Escaldes. You can have a rest in one of the thermal lagoons, Icelandic bath, saunas, sirocco bath after a weekend of intensive tourism!

Don’t forget to visit those beautiful villages in Andorra that we will talk about later on our blog Escapes 

what to see and do in Andorra

Although the main image of Andorra is its snow-capped mountains and ski resorts, this country also has many other possibilities for your winter or summer holiday. Its mountainous location together with the multiple list of offers won’t leave you bored. Go and see for yourself, Andorra will surprise you from the first minute!