Remember the time you went on holidays only the two of you? Or when you went only with friends and most decisions were just about the journey itself? If you are a parent and already have been on family holidays, you probably already know that you always have to think about your children, always. So, if you are going camping with children, you can definitely use this checklist to be prepared for everything!

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Ready to go camping with children

Indispensable for camping, regardless of destination

  •        FOR CAMPING

There are some things you can not forget to bring if you are going to camp, whether you are with children or with adults. For example, if you do not want to sleep outside on the ground, you should definitely not forget the tent… But other things are essential as well such as the beds, the sleeping bags (or sheets if it isn’t very cold), table and chairs, a gas bottle for cooking, kitchen utensils (cups, cutlery and plates) and some lights for at night. Finally, a cooler can not be missed, not only convenient during the trip but also at the campsite itself.


The first thing you have to plan is the number of days you would like to go on holiday. Since it is not always possible to wash your clothes at the camping, we recommend to pack one t-shirt a day for your children. But what child doesn´t make their clothes dirty during holidays? Well…that’s why it is always smart to bring extra clothes, both warm clothes and some summer clothes. And do not forget a couple pair of shoes!


Camping with children is fun, but when the moment comes that they have to go to the toilet or in the shower can be a little chaotic. You have to walk to the bathroom building with your toilet bag in your hand… What do you can not forget? Toothbrush, toothpaste, cleaning cloths, a hairbrush, hair accessories, shampoo and shower gel, a washcloth and a small towel. In addition, we do not want to have mosquitos all over the place, so do not forget to put some insect repellent in your toilet bag. Finally, a small first aid kit with ibuprofen for children, patches and a softening cream for wounds always comes in handy.


¨How far do we have to drive? ¨, ¨Are we almost there?¨… We are sure that you have heard these questions many times during your travel with children. Therefore it is extremely important to prepare an entertainment package with all kinds of stuff to entertain your children. Games (for example, with magnets for playing in the car), dolls, a selection of the best songs, playing cards, a few books and books for coloring with pencils.


For many children (thus also for the parents) the moment they have to go to bed is a big excitement. Some are struggling to not fall asleep, and some just never fall asleep. Do they might need something special like a teddy bear or a bedtime story? Use the same routine on holiday as the one your children need at home to help them get the best nights of sleep.

Where are we going to camp? What you need to bring depending on your destination

  •        OFF TO THE BEACH

If you are going to camp near the beach, do not forget all the necessities for wonderful days at the beach: buckets and shovels to play in the sand, a beach ball, beach bed, diving glasses, air beds… Besides, you also need to fill your beach bag with towels, sunscreen, a hat and a parasol.

  •        FOR TRECKING

When you are camping with children near a natural environment we recommend you to bring sturdy shoes and comfortable or sporty clothes. Backpacks for the kids so they at least can bring some stuff like something to eat, water, maybe dry clothes. In addition, a map of the area, compass or binoculars may also be useful.

Are you ready to travel? You have seen that camping with children requires quite a bit of preparation, but with this checklist you wouldn’t forget anything!