The trends are showing that on average we spend less time in a tourist destination, but we are travelling more often instead. Several short city breaks a year are becoming more popular as they help us to run away from our busy routine. However, shorter trips also mean travelling only with a backpack, if this is your case and you have lots of stuff to pack, to fully enjoy your holidays and leave the worries aside, we have prepared for you a city break checklist for your next adventure! As well as you will make sure that you won´t forget even your favourite dress or your charger, Believe it, sometimes it can get crazy but with the following city break checklist, everything will fit in your handbag. You can also download it and print it out for your convenience. 

What about a short holiday in Dublin? 


The ultimate city break checklist

This list aims at preparing for you a wonderful city break without the need of carrying too much, remember that luggage storage’s costs at the airport can be very high. However, we promise you that you can still take all your most important essentials.

The basics

We all know the phenomenon: you think you don’t have enough and at the end of the holiday, you only have worn half of the clothes. So to avoid this situation on your next holiday, we have summarized exactly how many garments are needed for a 3-days trip. Underwear, socks and a few accessories are essential but also more than enough. At the end you are not going on an expedition through the jungle, remember civilization in other places still exists ?.


Fill out some small empty bottles with liquids, such as shampoo or creams and take things like travel-sized toothpaste. This is the best way to save both, space and weight. Think if all this stuff are really necessary for you, perhaps you can then leave your shower gel or body lotion at home.


Certain things must not be missing in any journey, including important documents. It’s better to scan all the documents, which are listed within the checklist and save them on a mail or on a Google Drive document for an easy access.

You should bear in mind that good preparation is always necessary, then your holidays will run smoothly and according to the plan. Therefore, you should take care of your luggage, especially in crowding and touristic places.

Give yourself a city break to Paris


Sightseeing is probably the main element of every city trip, but what would a sightseeing tour be without memorable moments captured into photos? Therefore, don’t forget your camera and leave enough storage space and battery to take the best photos for your Instagram.

☛ Important: Depending on which country you travel to, an adaptor might be necessary, double-check in advance.

Sightseeing equipment

Certain things shouldn’t be missed, so that nothing interferes on your way and your day. Don’t let the weather spoil your plans, that’s why you should prepare well! If the weather forecast foresees a bad weather during your stay, grab your raincoat and turn the cold rainy day into a great photo opportunity. In addition, download maps and apps that you can use offline, otherwise, you might lose the entire volume of data.


What else can you think of, that might be missing on the city break checklist? We look forward to your suggestions so that we can expand the list!

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