The end of the year is almost here and the appeal for sliding attracts more and more skiers and snowboarders. Start planning your holidays now and be prepared before everyone else. Choose your destination wisely following the recommendation by Muchosol for the best French ski resorts in the Alps. Put your skies on and discover our favorite spots in this beautiful region.

Let’s explore together the best French ski resorts in the Alps


Megéve is an internationally known destination. The destination was transformed into one of the most popular ski resorts after the arrival of the Rothschild family in 1920. Nowadays, Megéve is the most popular and preferred worldwide french ski resort from the elite due to its beauty, immensity (consisting of more than 200 slopes) and of course, due to its view of the Mont Blanc.

Apart from being famous as a ski resort, the charming village of Megeve deserves everyone´s attention for its medieval square, tiny streets and a church dating back from XI century. The architecture of Megéve will bring you back to the captivating atmosphere of Saboya.

The best French ski resorts in the Alps
The atmosphere of Megéve is fantastic

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Probably you heard about the Alpe d’Huez – the ski resort chosen as the ”best ski resort in Europe’’ in 2017. Enjoy a predominantly sunny climate and 250km of ski slopes. The ski resort has a historic recognition, it was the first one to establish the drag lifts in the decade of 1936.

Have you ever thought of going to the small town of Huez? This village keeps remains from Medieval times like the house in the center of the town. You will also find the Museum of Huez and Oisans, named as the ‘’Museum of France’’. This museum hosts exhibitions of archeology, the Maquis de l’Oisans, but also exhibitions about winter sports since Alpe d’Huez organized events during the Winter Olympic games in 1968. Every year, Huez is one of the most legendary stages of Tour de France. In general, this is the perfect destination for every kind of sports lover.

The best French ski resorts in the Alps
2 passions in 1 – skiing and cycling


The municipality of Chamonix is located in Heute-Savoie, in the North Alps. This is a well-known region by the mountaineers. In fact, people keen on climbing and trekking used to visit Chamonix in the XVIII century. Therefore, the town hosted the First Winter Olympic games in 1924. Not surprisingly, Chamonix is an emblematic destination for the skiers, snowboarders and fanatics of the snowshoes.  

The small town is an ideal holiday destination for the nature lovers. From Chamonix, you can easily reach the ‘’Mer de Glace’’ or ‘’Sea of Ice’’. It’s a glacier where its breathtaking views will make you forget that the world exists. Moreover, you will have the fantastic opportunity to go to the famous ‘’Aiguille du Midi’’ which can be accessed by cable car from the center of Chamonix. From its altitude of 3842 meters, you have views towards the Mont Blanc which will leave you speechless. Don’t forget to capture your visit to ‘’Pas dans le vide’’, literally translated to ‘’A step into the void’’ a famous spot where you can stand on a glass platform pointing down to the abyss. What a challenge!

The best French ski resorts in the Alps
We hope you are not scared of heights!

Relax in Chamonix


How can we not mention Annecy in this list? This wonderful town is within the territory of the Heute Savoie department. It’s a very important destination because of its perfect combination of winter holidays, trekking and cultural tourism.

In just a few minutes away by car from the center, you will see several ski stations and adrenaline points. The complex of Semnoz, Clusaz o Grand Bornand will complete your experience. 

On the other hand, Annecy is worldwide known for its turquoise lake where you can wander around with your family or your partner, we leave the choice to you ?. Annecy is extremely beautiful and thanks to its canals which pass through the whole town, has been recognized as the ‘’Venice of the Alps’’. The labyrinth of tiny streets will make your stay even more pleasant. Don’t miss out a visit to the jails and the castle, they really worth a visit. 

The best French ski resorts in the Alps
We understand better now why it’s called the ”Venice of the Alps”

What do you think of a winter escape to Annecy?


Serre-Chevalier is the solution for the skiers on a budget. In fact, the ski resort is one of the least expensive in France. Situated up in the Alps, the 410 hectares of ski slopes will suit everyone, doesn’t matter if you prefer alpine skiing or cross-country skiing. In addition, the region remains a sunny spot during the entire year. The closest villages to the slopes are La Salle-les-Alpes and Le Monêtier-les-Bains that belong to Briançon. You will find a peaceful ambiance and cozy alpine chalets that will make your stay in the mountains a very relaxing experience.

The best French ski resorts in the Alps
Live an Alpine fairytale

Make your next winter break in Serre-Chevalier

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The French Alps are a real gem of nature, there’s no better place to recharge from the busy life or take your dose of adrenaline once the snow starts falling down. We hope that our list of the best places to go skiing gave you some ideas for your next adventures. However, if you haven’t skied for a long time, don’t freak out! Keep calm and read our ski checklist to make sure you are not forgetting something!