How to stop feeling bored while travelling? A journey is always exciting regardless of how you travel, whether you travel on your own or with a company. However, there are some moments that everyone can experience the boredom especially on a long-haul flight, transfer at the airport or a 10 hours ride by train. Despite that, we have to consider one more thing. Everyone has different habits while on the road or in the air. Some people sleep during the entire journey, others like children ask in every 5 min: ‘’Are we already there?’’. Nonetheless, there are the people among all that easily get bored. If you’ve recognized as one of these travellers type ,the following paragraphs will help you out on your next journey. Let’s start with the basics you should take. 

how to stop feeling bored while travelling

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Ways of how to stop feeling bored while travelling?

Travelling alone

This can be either the time of your life or the most boring part of travelling. There are some people who always find ways to get through the boredom, others struggle a lot. Before we start, every journey begins with packing. For a peace of mind, check out some tips on how to pack your suitcase and what to bring along with you.

If you are travelling by car on your own

Since you will be the only one while driving, there aren’t many things you can do, yet that doesn’t mean you should 100% feel bored.

1. Put the radio ON

This is recommended indeed because it will keep you awake and will prevent any accidents. Make sure you check this blog if you are traveling by car in the winter.

2.Sing with all your throat

Believe us or not singing in the car is better than singing under the shower. Prepare yourself a list with the favorite songs and make a CD. Sing as loud as you can and as much as you can but stay focused on the road in the meantime. 

How to stop feeling bored while travelling

 3. Finally, sign up on BlaBlacar

That’s a good way to find a travel buddy, moreover, you won’t be alone anymore. In addition, you can divide the travel costs and have a great chat with someone unknown.

4. Take a hitchhiker

If you don’t use BlaBlacar, there are other approaches to meet with strangers. This might be for the more open-minded ones, but if you see someone standing on the road with a sign in his hands, well stop and take him with you. This is an adventurous hitchhiker looking for a transfer.

how to stop feeling bored while travelling5. In a traffic

You can’t plan if there will be traffic or not. We understand that’s not the best thing that can happen but don’t let small things ruin your entire experience. In case you get stuck in traffic, put the music even louder and call a friend. But don’t drive and talk.

How to stop feeling bored while travelling

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If you are travelling alone by bus, train or a plane

This might seem like the most boring scenario. But there are actually many things you can do.

1. Read a book

Imagine sitting next to the window seat, going through beautiful landscapes and have your favorite novel in your hands. This can be a scene from the movies. It will be even better if you bring your headphones with you. Now, you can enjoy your favorite book and song at the same time. Here, is a hint of the 5 best travel novels for the best journey! 

how to stop feeling bored while travelling

2. Talk with strangers

If you are sitting next to someone, take advantage of it and chat with that person. You might hear an amazing story and why not start a friendship. You never know what the destiny has for you. Despite all, make sure that the person talks with the same enthusiasm as you do. In case, he or she isn’t that talkative, maybe that’s a sign that this person is tired and wants to sleep. So, take that note and don’t be annoying.


Get lost in your thoughts, think about the future or the past, bring on the memories and just simply enjoy the journey.

 4. Write

This one can be perfectly combined with the dreaming part. If you are a dreamer and you feel inspired, save this inspiration between the pages of your notebook. Regardless, your writing skills, you can start with a simple sentence and see where it’s going to.

5. Plan the rest of the trip

In case, you are heading to the destination and not coming back home, you can plan in detail the rest of your trip. In most cases, there’s free wifi in the buses and the trains so why not kill the boredom with some exciting thoughts when you are finally at the destination.

But remember: ‘’It is the journey, not the destination that matters’’ – T.S Eliot.

how to stop feeling bored while travelling

6. Plan your next trip

If you are returning home, then it’s never too early to plan your next adventure!

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A trip with friends: How to stop feeling bored while travelling?

Travelling with friends always promises good stories and lots of fun. However, depending on the travelling hours, sometimes even the best squad can go through hard times. Something that everyone forgets is that people are different, so there are different travellers. Check them out here

Things you can do while on the road regardless of the mode of transportation.

1.The yellow car

Of course, that’s the first thing that will come to your mind when you are travelling with friends. There are so many games nowadays, that’s impossible to get bored. You can even try and come up with a game on your own. For example, think of the cars’ colours. Whenever you see a yellow car, punch (without any extra aggression) the one sitting next to you. 

You can also take cards, so you will have infinite ideas of games 🙂

2. While you were sleeping

Are you always jealous of the people who fell asleep instantly? This is the perfect game for the awake ones to have fun! The goal of this game is to create the most believable but fun story to tell after the sleeping passenger wakes up.Once everyone is up, you should stick to your character and follow the script. Otherwise, you lose points. If the group successfully fools the passenger, each storyteller gets 3 points. If the sleeping passenger joins the story and fools the storytellers, the lose. You won’t notice how the time past by while having so much fun.

We recommend to bring a camera with you and shoot those epic moments. In addition, if you know each other very well, you will probably know who is the first one who is gonna fall asleep. So, you can think of the story in advance and bring some items with you that will help you to convince that certain passenger in the truth of the story. It’s a little cheat but the important is to have fun!

3. For foodies

Travelling is also trying out local snacks and cuisine. This game challenges passengers to collect the most local food they can find during the road trip. Each passenger can buy local food when they stop at gas stations or any convenience store they encounter on the road. Remember to bring cash.  If you find yourself in remote places, services like paying by card or ATMs might be a difficult task to find.

4. Truth or Dare

There is no winning or losing in this game. It can be endless but it’s a lot of fun. If one, can’t do the dare must speak out 2 truths and vice versa. The people joining the game are normally very open-minded and shameless. Although, this game tries out each other’s limits, don’t be too harsh with your friends. The other passenger might look at you thinking how crazy you are, but eventually, they will start to enjoy the show as well.

5. Thirty seconds

You can win 30 seconds by getting as many right answers as possible in 30 seconds. The player should guess a word based on his teammate’s explanation without actually mentioning the word itself. It exists such as a board game but  you can download it as an app from your mobile. If you play it in a hart option, don’t forget to take the game but also an hourglass counting down 30 sec.

This game can get very addictive so you won’t notice the entire journey at all.

6. For the lazy one

Of course, every travel type needs different things to bring with him. The sleeping ones are easy. Just give them a travel pillow and a blanket (your leg or shoulder is also fine, by the way). They don’t need something to kill the boredom, they sleep during the entire journey.

how to stop feeling bored while travelling

7. For the one who is always planning

Every squad has someone who is always planning the itinerary and who is the guide of the group. For them will be enough if they have a notebook, a pen, a map and an internet.

how to stop feeling bored while travelling

8. For the Instagrammer

The one who is always on its phone, taking selfies, using #hashtags and capturing the most ridiculous, funny, embarrassing moments of the travels, to say the least. You will definitely have unforgettable pictures to look after you return home. Remind them to bring a charger, in addition to their phone, of course. Also, the best thing will be to store the photos in a drive.

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A trip with children: How to stop feeling bored while travelling?

First of all, patience is the best thing you can take with you.  Long journeys can be boring for everyone but especially for the youngsters. Depends on the children age, but there are actually many things to keep them entertained.

how to stop feeling bored while travelling

1. Tell them a story

Every child enjoys a good story. Is it going to be the Beauty and the beast or maybe a story that you just came up with? We are sure, your kids will love it if it’s interesting enough. Furthermore, this might be a good way to make them fall asleep quicker. So, if you aren’t the best storyteller, don’t forget to bring a book. You can keep your kids even more entertained if you bring along colouring book.

2. Tic Tac Toe

For this one, you need 2 players, a pencil and a paper sheet. Player 1 plots X and the other one place O. The game finishes when one of the players has three cross of the same symbol either vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

How to stop feeling bored

3. I spy with my little eye

I spy with my little eye something yellow! This entertaining game is suitable for preschoolers and can keep them distracted for a long period of time.

The rules are simple: one person spies something and recites the line, making a statement at the end. Everyone else should guess the mysterious item.

4. I’m going on a picnic

The alphabet game is great for children above 5 years old but even an adult can have a lot of fun. it can be played by min 2 players but it’s funnier if it’s played by the whole family.

How is played? The first player starts with ‘’I’m going to a picnic and I’m taking something that starts with ‘’A’’ such as apples. Then player B needs to say, for instance, I’m going to a picnic and I’m taking apples and something that starts with ‘’B’’ like bananas. The loser is the one who forgets an item. At the end, regardless of the winner, you can take sweets for everyone and make the journey even sweeter! Enjoy!

5. Hangman

If you like word games, you will like this one.

So, how’s played? The first player can think of any word. Instead of saying it out loud or write it down, he or she leaves an underscore for each letter of the word. The second one must guess 1 letter at a time. If, not, the 1st player starts to draw the hangman starting with the head. The 2nd player loses when the dead body is complete.

how to stop feeling bored

6. Simon Says

A similar version of ‘’Truth or dare’’ but more adapted to children. A child is picked as ‘’Simon’’. The fun of this game is that everyone must do whatever Simon says. for example, Simon says to touch your feet. A player is out of the game if he or she doesn’t follow the instructions given by Simon.

Here, you can find more tips and things to bring with you when you are traveling with the little ones.

Airport transfer or station

Long waiting time, flight or train delay, technician problems? This is quite a common situation to happen while you are on your way. Despite reading a book, writing and listening to music, airports are a great opportunity to learn a new language. You will have free Wifi and lots of time.

Going to Spain? Take advantage of it and learn a few phrases! In addition, if you are lucky to be stuck in a big airport you can kill your time in a café or duty free shops.

how to stop feeling bored while travelling

These were all our suggestions on how to stop feeling bored while travelling. Your next travels will pass by quicker if you try out the tips above. We wish you a pleasant and joyful journey 🙂