If you are planning to make a trip to Peñíscola this year, you should not forget to bring your camera since this is one of the destinations where you can make the most beautiful holiday photos. You have the possibility to enjoy the Mediterranean sea on the beaches of Peñíscola, the shops, the Valencian cuisine, the natural environment, the monuments; you will have many options to enjoy your holiday and to capture the best photos of Peñíscola. 

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Where to take to best photos of Peñíscola?

El Bufador

In Peñíscola there is a magical place where everybody is listening in silence to the sound of the Mediterranean. We are talking about the Bufador, a tunnel that has been created by nature in the form of a rock where in days of storm the water collides with the rock which creates a peculiar sound in the sea. On the top of the old walled area you find a place where you can shoot a perfect photo of this remarkable place. You will have to chance to capture spectacular photos if you go to Peñíscola when the sea is wild.

photos of peñíscola bufadero

The House of Shells

Another photo that can not be missed between your photos of Peñíscola is a picture of La Casa de las Conchas. At this particular and unique place you will find all sorts of Spanish details that fit perfectly between your holiday photos. From picturesque windows to simple but attractive images, so you can make a beautiful picture from every corner. This place is also located in the old walled area of Peñíscola, one of the most beautiful areas of this village.

the house of shells photos of peñíscola

El Faro de Peñíscola

In Peñíscola you will find a symbol which is the perfect image to photograph: the Lighthouse of Peñíscola (el Faro de Peñiscola). If you have seen the famous movie “Calabuch” of the movie director Berlanga, you are familiar with the fact that this place is one of the main characters in this film. There are different angles where you can take beautiful photos of El Faro, but our recommendation is to take the picture from the streets, so the Mediterranean Sea will be in the background.

el faro lighthouse in peñíscola

La Porteta

Are you visiting Peñíscola with your partner and you want to spend time together at a romantic place? La Porteta de Peñíscola would be the perfect place for you to visit, and of course do not forget to shoot some photos here. This is the door of the old pier and the port which was situated here centuries ago. If you look through this door you will find the Mediterranean which gives you the perfect scene to shoot a picture especially during the sunset when orange and pink tones appear in the sky of Peñíscola.

photos of peñíscola door old town

The Badum Tower

One of less touristic areas of Peñíscola is la Torre Badum. This place is not located in the centre of Peñíscola though it is one of the most beautiful places to shoot some photos. It is located in the Natural Park Sierra de Irta, perfect to visit during the afternoon and to enjoy spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Badum tower photos of peñíscola

The Stairs Papa Luna

This is also one of the less touristic areas: the Stairs of Papa Luna (las Escalera del Papa Luna). The legend tells that the stone staircase is made by Benedict XIII in one night. The best place to shoot a picture is in the east part of this fort approximately 50 metres above sea level. Both from the sea and from the terrace of the lighthouse you can see the hundred steps that descend directly to see the Mediterranean.

the stairs of papa luna photos of peñíscola

The Papa Luna Castle

One of the most important monuments of the Valencian Community is the Papa Luna castle in Peñíscola. Why everybody falls in love with this castle after visiting this place? Besides being one of the most historic buildings on the east coast, this castle is the symbol of the city and the perfect place to shoot photos. One of the major things you need to see is the statue of Papa Luna on the outside of the castle, located in one of the highest parts of this area. From there you have a view of all the people walking through Peñíscola.

Papa luna castle photos of peñíscola

Inside the castle you will travel back in time and dive into the Middle Ages when you walk along the walls, the towers and visit the halls of stone. Here you can shoot all kinds of different photos. Access to the dungeons, the terrace; there are plenty of elements that are worth to see. Besides, are you a fan of Game of Thrones? You will definitely recognise some elements of this legendary series since Peñíscola has been chosen as a place to film a number of seasons here. 

As you can see, Peñíscola is a real film city, full of magic; in short, a destination that is appreciated by all tourists. This also makes it a perfect destination to photograph and to remember this place as one of the finest you have ever visited. Enjoy this city and return with the most beautiful photos of Peñíscola!