The disconnection and relaxation offered by a holiday can’t be compared to anything. We leave the house, change the atmosphere, distract each other from the daily routine, discover new places and we immerse in a pleasant ambient. We are happy, we are excited, we are enthusiastic about the new experiences we can live. Of course, those of us who are ecological, we take our philosophy wherever we go. We respect the environment and try to protect it both, in our own city and in the travel destination. Sometimes, we are asked questions like how can I be more ecological during my holidays? Therefore, we gather these sustainable travel tips on how to travel ‘green’.

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7 sustainable travel tips that will help you be more ecological

Use public transport

It seems obvious but, sometimes, we forget about how much a vehicle can pollute. We always have excuses when we are on a holiday but biking is also a good alternative as well as walking. If there is no alternative but the car, you must drive carefully: going at a moderate speed costs less fuel, pollutes less and it’s safer for us. If the car is shared between several people it’s even better: the gasoline expenses are divided and you reduce the number of cars on the road. If you are ready to share the journey, have a look at BlaBlaCar website.

Furthermore, if you can reach the destination by land, do so. Taking a scenic train journey or a road trip with friends is much more ecological than flying. However, if you are alone, flying is actually the better option. Nonetheless, when possible book non-stop flights. It’s the takeoffs and the landings that create most of the airplane’s carbon emissions.

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Control energy consumption

The expenditure of electricity also has a serious impact on the environment. We can save energy in our vacation rental apartment with very simple gestures:

  • Always turn off the lights when leaving the place
  • Use electrical appliances only if necessary. For example, in summer we can let our hair dry naturally in the air. In addition, using a hair dryer will make you sweat in the heat.
  • You can also hang the clothes after washing them instead of putting them in the dryer machine.
  • Another option is to opt for a fan (if there is one in the apartment) instead of using the air conditioning, it consumes a smaller amount of energy. If we have the air conditioning on, we must remember to disconnect it when leaving the accommodation.
  • Use batteries and rechargeable batteries.

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Save water

We know that rule, but it is essential to always keep it in mind. This is one of the most important sustainable travel tips that reduce the impact on the environment. Take showers instead of baths, close the taps while you soap or brush teeth. Also, if you are many people, you can always combine clothes, instead of everybody using the laundry separately. It really is about the same gestures that we would do in our own homes. We must also apply them in public showers, swimming pools, beaches and changing rooms.

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Make a responsible purchase

If we are staying at a holiday home, we will have a kitchen to prepare our own meals, so why not go to the supermarket or even better to the local stores. In that way, you will economically support small businesses + you are ensured that you eat local and seasonal products.  By responsible purchase, we refer exactly to buy locally produced, organic and seasonal food. Also, buy bulk foods so that it doesn’t excess packaging which will then have to be thrown away. In addition, glass bottles will be preferable to plastic bottles. As for other types of items, such as sunscreens or towels, we can also buy them made from organic sources.

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Respect the natural space

The ecosystem of the place, we are visiting can be damaged if we carry out certain bad practices. These include taking samples of vegetation, disturbing the animals by photographing with flash, taking a piece of coral or a shell from the beach. Imagine, if every tourist does that, it will cause a serious impact on the environment. Therefore, respecting nature is one of the most essential sustainable travel tips. Moreover, we shouldn’t light bonfires in a space that isn’t equipped for it, as that can cause a fire. If you are into nature, certainly this hiking checklist will equip you with everything you need. 

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Do not leave waste

In the same context, respecting the natural space is also important during excursions. It’s important not to leave traces of garbage wherever we go. We recommend taking a bag with you in order to put the waste there. If you decide to recycle, that’s even better. Also, we must remember that plastic bags (they are not biodegradable) and butts can be especially harmful, as they can cause a fire.

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Take advantage of technology

Nowadays it is no longer necessary to print all the tickets that we have bought. Most companies admit tickets on our mobile screen, they usually carry a code that can be scanned. The same goes for paper maps, who needs them when smartphones have GPS?

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How to be more ecological? In short, practicing these sustainable travel tips, ensure to protect the environment as well as its biodiversity. The efforts don’t cost anything and assure a wonderful and ‘green’ holiday.

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