We always say that Ibiza is much more than beaches and parties. With a pleasant climate all year round, corners full of history, finger-licking good gastronomy, a lot of opportunities for sports … and much more! Do you want to know WHAT TO DO IN IBIZA? Keep reading because we’re going to give you 10 reasons why the island should be your next destination ?

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what to do in Ibiza

? What to do in Ibiza, why Ibiza? 

  • For its sunsets

The sunset can be observed from many points on the west coast of the island. It’s a very worthy experience. Seeing how the sun goes and sinks into the sea while the sky is changing its color, that’s something you can’t see every day. Take advantage of a day when the sky is clear and spend the afternoon at your favorite beach to enjoy the sunset.

If you feel like it, you can go to the beach of Benirràs on a Sunday afternoon to watch the sunset accompanied by the rhythm of drums played by a group of hippies. It’s a cool experience if you like cheerful environments. However, go early in the afternoon as usually gets crowded.

You can also observe the sunset from Cala Comte, which allows you to position yourself at various points to enjoy the view: in the sand, the rocks, the parking or the beach bar.

More places? The saline soils which are a calm and beautiful place to see how the sun reflects into the ponds or go to Café del Mar for a drink, which plays music that accompanies the sunset. You can also overwatch the sun from the Torre des Savinar, also known as the Pirate Tower which overlooks the viewpoint of Es Vedrà.

what to do in Ibiza
Sunset in Ibiza from Café del Mar
  • Because it has 4 properties declared World Heritage Sites

What to do in Ibiza? Visit the historical center of Dalt Vila, which preserves thousands of years of history and vestiges of civilizations such as Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs. The necropolis of Puig des Molins, the Phoenician settlement of Sa Caleta and its meadows of Posidonia oceanica. Posidonia is a Mediterranean marine plant and is the culprit of the color and beauty of the waters around the islands. The biodiversity of these waters depends on the good conservation of Posidonia grasslands, therefore a lot of efforts are put in order to protect them.

what to do in Ibiza

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  • For its gastronomy

The cuisine of Ibiza and Formentera is of Catalan heritage and peasant origin. Fish and seafood dishes are the main part of Ibiza’s gastronomy thanks to its maritime nature however many vegetables and meats are also being prepared for the Mediterranean diet.

What are the dishes that you must try while on the island?  La aliñada payesa which is something like farmer’s salad made with tomato, potato, onion, eggplant and pepper salad watered with olive oil. You should also try the stir-fry peasant from lamb and chicken with potatoes or rice with sobrasada and meat or cuttlefish, among others specialties such as boiled fish with broth; el flaó, a dessert filled with fresh cheese and the coca from tomato, Swiss chard and it comes in more varieties.

what to do in Ibiza
Photo: welcometoibiza.com
  • For its fishermen huts that know how to stay in time

In many of the coves and beaches in Ibiza, you can see the authentic fishermen’s huts that line up along the coast, also called dry docks. Some of the huts are over 100 years old! They are built from stone, with wooden beams and doors, located in protected corners and isolated from the sea and the wind. They are used by professional fishermen and amateurs to store nets, rods, baskets and the “llaüt”, the traditional fishing boat of the Pitiusas Islands. These boats can still be seen in the sea, although now they are being replaced with other more modern ones.  

Each of the booths has a small handmade dock that reaches out to the sea. Where can you see them? On the beach of Cala d’Hort or the bay of Porroig; in Es Calonet, a small cove whose shore is completely surrounded by dry docks; or in Es Canal d’en Martí and the Campanitx Tower, among other points.

what to do in Ibiza
Fishermen in Es Calonet, on the Sant Josep coast / Photo: Xescu Prat
  • Because it is also an incredible family destination

The island is also a great reason to be visited with the family, especially during spring and autumn when there are fewer tourists but still good weather. Now, you will ask: what to do in Ibiza with children? Well, countless activities!

Walk down the old town, but it’s better if you don’t bring strollers there as it’s somewhat uncomfortable to walk around with pushchairs for a long time. On top of that, you can snorkel in your favorite cove, prepare some sandwiches and drinks, to regain strength afterward with a picnic. Go on a trip to the Natural Park of Ses Salines, it has an Interpretation Center and space for bird watching, including flamingos! Hire a sailboat and tell the kids that they will be pirates for a day. If the kids like it, spend an afternoon at the Karts of Santa Eulália. Kayaking and paddle surfing on the beach of Talamanca is always a good idea. Go to visit the Cave of Can Marçà, which is located in the north of the island, in the Port de Sant Miquel.

what to do in Ibiza

All these plans and much more, you can find in our article on what to see in Ibiza with children.

  • For the hippies -> market of Las Dalias

Every Saturday, from April to October, from 10 am to 8 pm, Sant Carles (in the north of the island) is the location of the Las Dalias market. You will love to stroll around the garden full of stalls (there are already more than 200) selling hand-sewn clothes, fabrics, beads, jewelry, handicrafts, discs, decoration, books, antiques. There are also other activities such as massages or palm reading.

Moreover, there are also several places to have a drink such as bars, restaurants, pizzerias, coffee shops. If you stay until theed, the last hours you will be able to enjoy the music company of DJs from Las Dalias.

what to do in Ibiza

  • Because of its climate

The climate of Ibiza is exceptional throughout the whole year because Ibiza enjoys warmer winter in comparison with most of the European destinations.  Spring is perhaps the best time to visit the island: there are no large crowds of tourists, prices are lower than in the high season and the weather allows sunbathing and bathing in the sea since the average temperature is 20ºC. Also, if you go there during the second week of May, you can enjoy the Medieval Fair in Dalt Vila.

Summer is a boom in Ibiza, as you already know. Temperatures exceed 30ºC and there are many tourists who come to the island to escape from the routine and enjoy their summer. However, in June and September, the atmosphere is much more relaxed.

What to do in Ibiza in autumn and winter? The temperatures begin to descend but it’s a good time to discover the rural part of the island and go hiking. In addition, it is the best time for those who practice surfing, who will be able to take advantage of the strong tides of these months.

what to do in Ibiza

  • For its beaches and coves, of course

If we talk about what to do in Ibiza we can’t fail to mention the beaches and coves, which stand out for their beauty and quality and are known as the best places in Ibiza. We will tell you some of our favorites below.

Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta are two of the best on the island, with an almost untouched nature. Cala Conta is one of the most visited thanks to its turquoise waters. On the other hand, San Vicente, in the northwest, is a large and quiet cove protected by pine trees mountains. We recommend visiting Cala Bassa because it looks like a giant pool but with fine sand. On the other side, Cala Llonga is an inlet, very close to Santa Eulalia with extensive and clear water. In Las Salinas, you can meet some celebrities and, at the beach d’en Bossa, you can’t miss the party.

what to do in Ibiza

❧ Here you have more information about the beaches and coves of Ibiza.

  • For your dream accommodations

The largest of the Pitiusas Islands is a very top destination as well as the accommodations. Of course, there is something for every budget but, in general, the houses and villas in Ibiza there are spectacular. Beautiful, well located and with all luxury amenities. All of them have a private pool and garden and are also very spacious, which makes them perfect for family or a group. They are spread throughout the island, but many of them are located in quiet places away from the tourist attractions, so they are ideal to disconnect and relax after a day at the beach.

❧ This is a sample of some of the villas that Muchosol has on the island, but here you can see better all the accommodations we have in Ibiza.

what to do in Ibiza

  • And for its parties and discos

A night out is the last answer of what to do in Ibiza. The island is your place if you are a party animal because it has the most famous clubs in the world. You can have dinner at the Port of Ibiza. Next, how about going to Playa d’en Bossa? In the Bora Bora nightclub and the bars around, you can go for a drink. You can end the night in one of its most renowned nightclubs: Pachá Ibiza (opened in 1973), Amnesia, Ushuaia (with parties in the pool), Privilege, Lío among many others.

what to do in Ibiza

What to do in Ibiza? Did you find answers? For all this and more reasons, that’s why Ibiza has to be your next destination? Don’t think twice and book your flights and accommodation on the island, you’re still on time to enjoy Ibiza this summer!

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