Enotourism, also called wine tourism, is related to the visit of wine production areas and It’s linked to the gastronomic or cultural tourism. In the Community of Valencia, you will find numerous places related to the world of wine: wineries, wine bars, wine museums, wine therapy centers… Do you accompany us on the wine route in the Valencian Community?  

?Come with us and discover the wine routes and wine tours in the Valencian Community!?

Wine routes and wine tours in the community of Valencia

Within The Valencian Community, there are three denominations of origin officially recognized: Alicante, Utiel-Requena and Valencia. On top of these, we can add the wine, produced in Beniarrés (in the north of Alicante) and those of Castellón, which have the Protected Geographical Indication “Vino de la tierra de Castelló”

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There are 66 municipalities that are part of the Valencia designation of origin. The area is divided into four zones: Alto Turia, Clariano, Moscatel de Valencia and Valentino. In these areas, you can taste white, rosé and red wines. They are fairly known brands in Europe and, year after year, their quality is increasing. What else can you visit on your wine route while in Valencia?


Terres dels Alforins

When someone hears Terres dels Alforins, immediately associates it with the wine production. It’s a valley shared by the regions of La Costera and La Vall d’Albaida, and the origin of some of the best Valencian wines. We know that the Iberians used to produce wine in that area, because of the discovered harvesting instrument which still can be observed in the ruins of the village of La Bastida de les Alcusses (Moixent). Its fields are so pretty, with their green and ochre colors and known as the Valencian Tuscany.

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If you go on a Saturday morning, you can visit the wineries of Rafael Cambra and Daniel Belda, both in the municipality of Fontanars dels Alforins. Also, there is the Casa los Frailes winery, opened since 1771. There is a wine shop where you can buy your favorite taste after a degustation. If you prefer the same region, you can visit the winery Los Pinos, which still functions even after more than 150 years.

In the village of La Font de la Figuera, you can visit the Vinos de la Viña, which owns more than half of the vineyard’s production associated with Terres dels Alforins. Another good option is the Arráez winery; modern and different, as well as offers several types of visit. The most complete one is “the Glotón pack”, which includes a visit to its wine interpretation maze, a degustation of 3 wines, wine pairings, and food for € 25 per person.

In Moixent, you will like the wineries Celler del Roure, Clos Cor Vi and the Sant Pere cooperative, which also produces olive oil.



In Utiel-Requena you will find tasty and elegant red wines, as well as fresh and balanced rosés. The bobal ink grape is the most successful with its acidic taste, besides it’s less alcoholic than the rest of the Spanish varieties along; with the tempranillo. There are more than 40,000 hectares of vineyards that make the appellation of the region of Utiel-Requena, known for its wine production.

Vineyards of Utiel-Requena | Photo: globalstylus.com

Route of the Wine of the D.O.Utiel-Requena

The Wine Route of the DO Utiel-Requena in the Valencian Community, is well known. 

The route passes through natural heritages and very beautiful landscapes. Here you can visit up to 17 wineries and enjoy degustations and wine-pairings (for example in the cellars of Vera de Estenas or Vegalfaro), you will have the amazing opportunity to take part in grape harvest and even take a balloon ride over the vineyards. Moreover, you will not only have the possibility of going to places related to the world of wine, but also to places to Hoces del Cabriel Natural Park or the Geological Park of Chera-Sot de Chera.

▶ You will find a rich cultural heritage linked to the wine:

  • The deposits of Molón, Kelin or Las Pilillas. Those places offer breathtaking views and the best is about to come: you can watch the wine-making, authentic as it was in the fifth and sixth centuries BC.
  • El Barrio de la Villa de Requena. In the old town stands the Cuevas de la Villa, mazes that run through the entire subsoil. Their existence dates back from the Medieval times and were used as warehouses (you can still see the jars), shelters, ossuaries and even homes.
  • La Bodega Redona, in Utiel. It’s the headquarter of the Regulatory Council of Utiel-Requena and it’s a historical building designed by the apprentice Gustave Eiffel, and erected in 1891. In 1991 it was refurbished and it’s currently the Museum of Vine and Wine of the Valencian Community.
Cuevas de la Villa


You will find very fruity French wines that are obtained from the Monastrell and Tempranillo grapes (in addition to the Cabernet Sauvignon, the Merlot and the Syrah). Due to the muscatel grape of Alejandria, the fruity white wines are obtained from them. Particularly well known are the sweet muscatels of the Marina Alta. Another famous wine in Alicante is the Fondillón, sour and higher proof. There are many wineries, we recommend you to visit some.

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Route of the Marina Alta

It passes through the Valley of Pop and the municipalities of Benissa, Teulada, Xaló and Parcent. You can visit the great wine cellars of Xaló or Parcent, a  family runs wine cellar. If you go on a Saturday, don’t miss out the Mercadillo de Xaló.

▶ Near Benidorm, in Alfaz del Pi, you will find the Enrique Mendoza winery, don’t forget to book your visit along with the wine degustation.

wine-routes-and-wine-tours-Valencian-community- bottle-muchosol-e1538580401880

Routes of the Vinalopó Medio

From the town of Monóvar to Pinoso, there is a large valley full of vineyards. You can visit the Bocopa wine cellar, located in Petrer, and enjoy guided tours and wine tastings. You shouldn’t miss the Primitivo Quiles de Monóvar winery: it’s a family run one and it is proud for having the first Fondillón with Parker Points. In the same town, you can visit Monóvar wine-cellar.  If you carry on to Pinoso town (with a good reputation for its good gazpachos and sausages) you will pass by a large number of wineries: Santa Catalina del Mañán, Brotons, La Bodega de Pinoso, El Sequé. Further north, specifically in Villena, you can see the large-sized cottage of Chaconero de Mendoza or the small Vinessens.

A tip: In this region are located the beautiful wineries Francisco Gómez and the Bodega las Virtudes, where you can buy a premium oil.

Winery Francisco Gómez | Photo: soyvinero.com

This is our proposal for a wine route in the Valencian Community! You can adapt it to your itinerary or choose your favorite places, whatever it is, it will be a unique and different way of doing tourism. If you are a wine lover, it will be your best trip ever!

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